Celebrity Hair Transplant

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: “The Dragon and The Widow’s Peak”

Last night’s season finale of Game Of Thrones has everyone talking. In this episode, [Spoiler Alert] we find out that one of the main players, Jon Snow, is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The episode also ends with Jon and the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys, together in bed. This comes to us as a surprise, as Daenerys has rejected almost every man trying to get close to her thus far. What is the real secret behind Jon Snow’s success in conquering the world as well as the heart of Daenerys? Could it be his hair? Here is a […]

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McGregor Vs. Mayweather – Battle of the Hair Styles

Mayweather vs McGregor hair competion

To most watching this weekend’s fight, the main story is about mixed martial arts vs. traditional boxing. Here at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we see a different battle at hand. We see the fight as a battle to answer the question of which is better:  a full head of hair or “bald is beautiful”. Here’s a breakdown of how the opponents’ hair styles match up: Floyd Mayweather Since early in his career, Floyd Mayweather has always been known for sporting a short haircut with a tight fade. Other than a few times, he has rarely been seen with his hair […]

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A Hair Raising Confession from a Super Bowl Announcer

Hair Loss of Joe Buck

Once the World Series and Super Bowl are over, it is normally the slow time of the year for Joe Buck in terms of his broadcasting duties. In the past, he spent that downtime flying to New York for a hair transplant. As revealed in his memoir last November, Buck had an addiction to hair transplants that almost cost him his career. Buck has suffered from a fear of hair loss ever since he was younger. In 1993, he underwent his first hair transplant. It was a combination of vanity and a fear of losing his TV job due to hair […]

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Is The Mystery Behind Donald Trump’s Hair Solved?

Donald Trumps Hair and Finasteride

The question of whether or not Donald Trump’s hair is real or a transplant has been a topic of debate for many years. We’ve even tackled the hair raising situation about his hair in the past. It looks like the true answer might have been revealed to the public courtesy of Trump’s doctor of many years. Dr. Harold N. Bornstein, the longtime physician to Trump, stated in a recent interview with The New York Times that Trump takes medication for three medical conditions on a regular basis. One of the medicines is a drug related to prostate care that also promotes […]

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Tiger’s Battle Against Hair Loss

Tiger Woods and Hair Loss

We’ve discussed professional athletes and their hair loss in the past. From Lebron James to Tom Brady to Jose Canseco, many athletes have dealt with hair loss in both the public eye and behind closed doors. One athlete that has spoken out in recent years about his hair loss is professional golfer Tiger Woods. Woods spoke to Fox Sports a few years ago about his hair loss. He admitted to losing his hair and said that while he is comfortable with aging it appears that his hairline is apparently not as comfortable with the idea. He even admitted that he […]

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Jose Canseco’s Hair Restoration Journey

While hair restoration goals vary between patients, there is one item that is true about hair loss: HAIR LOSS DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE! Hair loss can affect patients from all walks of life and that includes professional baseball players. Jose Canseco is best known for his 17 years as an MLB player but he is also well known for having so much hair that he didn’t wear a cap much of the time. Once he started losing his signature head of hair, he decided to undergo a hair transplant. His surgeon of choice? Dr. Parsa Mohebi. Dr. Mohebi treated Canseco much like […]

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Hitting a Hair Transplant Home Run with Jose Canseco

Before and During Jose Canseco's Hair Transplant Journey

Hair loss doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age or genetics. Anybody can suffer from hair loss whether they have a million dollars or live more modestly. The prospect of thinning hair can be especially hard for those used to living in the spotlight since much of their daily life is defined by their appearance. We were recently contacted by one such celebrity, former MLB player Jose Canseco, who is used to being in the public eye. While his thinning hair has been progressing for some time, Canseco recently decided to take action about his hair loss. One of the […]

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Trump’s Hair Tousled by Talkshow Host

In the past, I’ve mentioned the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s hair as well as the fact that he has been known to mock the hairdo of Hillary Clinton and the historic importance of having a great hairline in the US presidential elections. There are many theories about Trump’s hair and they include: It is a toupee He had a bad hair transplant in the past His hair is thinning so he wears it swept upward to hide that fact Trump has been mostly silent about the history of his hair and possible hair restoration procedure(s) and has rarely let anybody […]

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