Tom Hanks – What Happened with His Hair Transplant?

There are times in Hollywood when a person who seems to have a perfect life is in the public eye. Tom Hanks falls into that category as he has been the perfect actor to play certain roles in movies and he seems perfectly nice to his fans and fellow actors. However, we are ready to blow apart that perfect image with the shocking news about an imperfection in his appearance. If Tom Hanks starred in a horror movie based on his life, the title would be:

What’s Went Wrong with Tom Hanks’ Hair Transplant?

Tom Hanks – Why Did He Have a Hair Transplant?

If you watch the appearance of Tom Hanks in his various movies over the years, you will see the hair of Tom Hanks evolve from curly locks to closely cropped to its current look. One aspect of his hairstyle that is not noticeable these days is his case of male patterned hair loss.

The actor has been experiencing the condition for several years and, at some point in his career, he decided to take action and have a hair transplant. While his new post-transplant hairline is appropriate for his age thanks to its mature look, there is still something that is a bit “off” about its appearance. Look closely at the image below.

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Did you see it? If not, I’ll explain the problem that is hiding in plain sight in the next section.

Tom Hanks – What’s Wrong with His Hair?

Let’s start the examination of his hairline by discussing temporal points. While science fiction movies love to use the concept of temporal points to describe a set of events that have been observed to occur at various points in time, the temporal points we are discussing are an essential element in the creation of a hairline that looks natural in appearance.

When a board-certified and experienced hair transplant surgeon creates a plan to design a hairline, the doctor pays close attention to the proportions of the face of the patient. This is sometimes referred to as “the rule of thirds” which is supposed to help identify if the face of a person is proportional. For example, the distance from the tip of the nose to the chin should be similar to the distance between the tip of the nose to the eyebrows. The same distance should also be found in the area that goes from the eyebrows to the hairline of a person.

This rule shows the distance between facial features that someone should have in order for the face to be vertically proportional. When performing a hair transplant, there might be a need to increase the distance that goes from the eyebrows to the hairline in order to create the appearance of a mature hairline.

Hair restoration specialists are quite skilled in treating the vertical proportions of the face. Unfortunately, there are some surgeons who are not as skilled or experienced when addressing the horizontal proportions of the face.

Tom Hanks – Are His Horizontal Proportions Off in the Face?

Just like the previous section of this article, the discussion about horizontal proportions starts with the temporal points. A successful framing of the face using hair means the perimeter of the front hairline is used to create a certain style to the hair. In addition, framing the face during a hair transplant should help the face by making sure it is horizontally balanced through the recreation of the temporal points.

It is not an exaggeration to say the temporal points are a critical component in maintaining the balance of the face as well as giving the face a more youthful appearance. There are also some cases where people who do not lose any hair on the top of the head can still look older due to a receding of the temporal points. If the temporal points are restored, the face will look younger.

Now, you have a better idea of what to look for in the picture of Tom Hanks in this article.

An easy way to spot a hair transplant is to take a look at the temporal points. The surgeon might not have created temporal points appropriate to the proportion of the face of the patient. While the hairline might look good (We’re looking at you Mr. Hollywood Superstar Tom Hanks), there is still something that seems amiss with the hairline.

While Tom Hanks has admitted to having a hair transplant earlier in his career, it is not publicly known who performed the surgery and what their skill level was in restoring the temporal points. When examining the hairline of Tom Hanks, it does seem that the surgeon might have been limited in his knowledge or skills in creating a natural look to the hairline. There is also a possibility the doctor did not have a clear understanding of the horizontal proportions of the face.

If you are now worried about the proportions of your face and a hair transplant, do not stress yourself out! The creation of temporal points that are natural in appearance is easy to achieve thanks to the advanced technology available at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. The combination of state-of-the-art equipment and the artistic eyes of our team ensures no one will stare at your head for a long time because they just can’t determine with is wrong with your hair.