Celebrity Hair Transplant

Sam Smith – His Thoughts on Balding and Hair Transplants

The number of men that suffer some form of hair loss is in the millions. Some men accept their hair loss and do not attempt to make any changes to their scalp while others have a hair transplant to address the issue of balding. Sam Smith, the Grammy-winning singer, recently discussed the topic of his hair loss in an interview with Vogue. He shared the reasons he decided to make a change in the appearance of his hairline. Smith also named the person that gave him hair transplant advice that prompted him to have a hair restoration procedure. Sam Smith […]

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Joel McHale – Multiple Hair Transplants Revealed

Joel McHale talks about his hair transplant

The pressure to stay relevant in show business means that many Hollywood actors and actresses have cosmetic surgery procedures that turn back the clock on their appearance. One procedure that is popular among male celebrities is a hair transplant and this is true of actor Joel McHale, He is known for the TV shows “Community” and “The Soup” as well as hosting the game show “Card Sharks”. Pressure to have Perfect Hollywood Hair The hair on the head of a person is a source of great interest for many celebrity watchers. While the hair on female stars is often judged […]

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Donald Trump Hair Secrets – Is McDonald’s Responsible for His Hair?

No matter what anyone thinks about the job Donald Trump has done while leading the United States, most people agree that the appearance of his hair is sometimes unnatural. Donald Trump has rarely been a person that admits to suffering any kind of hair loss and has even gone on “The Tonight Show” in an effort to prove that his hair is real by letting the host pull on his hair. Trump recently made an odd statement about his hair by claiming that McDonald’s might be responsible for keeping his hair healthy and full. Donald Trump and McDonald’s – The […]

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Broadway and TV Actor Reveals He Kept Five Hair Transplants Secret from the Public

Cheyenne Jackson is known for his work on Broadway as well as his roles on TV shows as varied as “Glee”, “30 Rock” and “American Horror Story”. While he is out in the public eye with his acting roles, Jackson spent 14 years hiding his hair loss from the public. Last month, Jackson took to his Instagram page to discuss his hair loss struggles and the five hair transplant surgeries he kept out of the public eye. Broadway and TV Actor Hair Transplant Confession On his Instagram post, Jackson wrote “I’ve been DREADING this day for 17 years. The day […]

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Kenny Lofton Hits a Home Run with FUE Hair Transplant

Kenny Lofton got fue hair transplant

Kenny Lofton is a former major league baseball player that is often in front of the public thanks to his work as a TV commentator as well as his work with his own production company. Because of his busy public appearance schedule, Lofton is concerned about looking his best on camera and this includes the appearance of his hairline. Over the past few years, Lofton had noticed a receding hairline and was afraid he would have a lifetime of baldness ahead of him. Rather than wait for his hairline to continue receding, Lofton decided to take action and get the […]

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What is Wrong with Joe Biden’s Hair Transplant?

Joe Biden Before And After Hair Transplant Originally Posted November 4, Updated July 23, 2020 Joe Biden is no stranger to the public or to our blog. In November 2013, we discussed the issues with his famous “hair plugs” (see below). Now that Biden will be running against Donald Trump in the fall, his hair transplant (along with additional plastic surgery procedures) is often a topic of discussion and the subject deserves an update for fans of politics and celebrities. Supply and Demand Mismatch of Hair Several years ago, I had a conversation with a 31-year-old patient of mine that […]

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Did Elon Musk Have a Hair Transplant?

Did Elon Musk have a hair transplant

  Last Updated 2/27/2020 With more and more celebrities getting hair transplants, the public has gotten a glimpse at the resulting possibilities, leaving many individuals who have suffered hair loss and thinning with hope for a resolution. Clients are coming to our practice feeling inspired by the celebrity success in hair transplants. One celebrity, in particular, Elon Musk, has shown significant hair growth recently, leading the public to ask, “Did Elon Musk get a hair transplant?” It makes sense that most celebrities and those who can afford hair transplant procedures have these procedures done unnoticed. We can pay our thanks […]

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Oscars 2020: Top 5 Best Men’s Hairstyles

Oscars 2020: Top 5 Best Men's HairStyles

Every year, the most famous celebrities in entertainment gather at the Academy Awards to honor the highest achievements in film. At the event, they show off the in fashion and set the standard for what is ‘cool’. At Pars Mohebi Hair Restoration, we love to see what our favorite celebrities wear to the event, but naturally, we can’t help but focus on which celebrities have the best hair – and this year they did not disappoint! Below, we’ve shared our top 5 favorite men’s hairstyles from the 2020 Oscars (It just so happens that they all took home Oscars, as […]

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