How Did Harry Get That Hair – Prince Harry Hair Transplant Speculation

Price Harry, AKA the Duke of Sussex, has been in the news recently thanks to the release of his memoir, “Spare.” The book is filled with revelations and details about his family as well as his time in the military. Even with all of the stories about his life as a member of the Royal Family, one of the main items that the public is discussing from his interviews is the appearance of his hairline. Many television viewers feel his hair is noticeably thicker and fuller than in years past. Some fans of the Royal Family even feel that Prince Harry had a hair transplant.

We discussed the changing appearance of Prince Harry’s hairline a few years ago. Now, it is time to see if there have been any additional changes to the evolution of his hairline. Does Harry have more hair on his head? Has there been a change to Harry’s hairline? Let’s find out!

Prince Harry – Hair Transplant Speculation

Hair transplant speculation for Prince HarryThe thirty-eight-year-old Duke of Sussex is aware of the fact that his hair has changed as he continues to age. He also wrote about the hair loss of his brother by commenting that the amount of baldness on the scalp of his brother was “alarming” and more advanced than his own hair loss.

A hair specialist from the United Kingdom, as well as the founder of Sky Clinic, Jay Dharamshi, was recently interviewed about the appearance of Prince Harry’s hair. According to Dharamshi, “Prince Harry’s hair does appear to look fuller and thicker than it had previously. This could be due to him undergoing a surgical hair transplant or he could have had a non-surgical hair restoration treatment. In my opinion, Harry has likely had a non-surgical treatment, which made his hair appear more restored and fuller.”

Keep in mind if Harry did have a non-surgical hair restoration treatment, the results might not be permanent (if he used a treatment such as minoxidil). If Harry decided to have a hair transplant, the results would be permanent in providing a fuller and more youthful look to the hairline.

Prince Harry – Possible Reasons for Hair Loss

When it comes to the possible reasons for his hair loss, Dharamshi said that male pattern hair loss is a quite common type of balding that can be the result of both hereditary and hormonal conditions. “It usually starts with thinning hair on the hairline and on top and front of the head. Androgenic alopecia is a familial condition.

When asked why Prince William seems to be losing his hair at a faster rate, he said, “Even though siblings are born with the same genetics, we all come with unique DNA, which means that all siblings will not necessarily be affected by hair loss. Baldness genes can often skip a generation, or you can be a carrier without showing any signs of baldness, so yes, it is very common for one brother to lose hair while another doesn’t.”

Hair Loss and Celebrities – How They Deal with It

Celebrities are often in an odd position when it comes to thinning and balding hair on the scalp. They are in the public eye on a regular basis and a good portion of the public is used to seeing their favorite stars with a youthful and refreshed look. It can be a shock for them to see a celebrity looking “less than Hollywood” by having a condition such as hair loss that can make them look older than their actual age.

Some celebrities are actually quite open about their hair loss and do not make any attempt to hide the fact that they have a thinning or balding scalp. In addition, there are celebrities who undergo hair transplants and share the news with the world. Once recent example is Joe Buck who visited our office last year to have hair restoration surgery. The decision of some celebrities to share their hair restoration journey is often very refreshing as they are showing their fans that there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to wanting to make a change to the appearance of their hairline.

This is not always the case as some people are simply not comfortable enough with the fact that they need a hair transplant to share it with the public. It is certainly not known at the moment if Prince Harry had any type of hair transplant procedure and, if so, what led him to make the decision to make a change in the appearance of his hairline. The Royal Family is well-known for trying to keep the private lives of their members out of the public eye. The memoir released by Prince Harry is a rare instance of a member of the inner circle of the Royal Family exposing any kind of “inside gossip” about the members of the best-known family in England.

Until there comes a time that Prince Harry decides to share more information about the changing appearance of his hairline, celebrity watchers will simply have to continue to speculate about the changes in the look of the Duke of Sussex.