Hair Transplant Patient Guide

Do I Have to Shave My Head Before a Hair Transplant?

do i need to shave my head for a hair transplant?

Q: Hi Dr. Mohebi, I am planning to have an FUE transplant to add to the density of my hair in the front and along the hairline. Do you always shave the patient’s hair before a hair transplant? Is there any way it could be done with long hair? A: It is usually not mandatory to shave a patient’s head before an FUE procedure. Both types of hair transplant (FUE or strip) could be done with very minimal or no shaving. In the strip method, shaving could be limited to the area of the strip that will be removed and […]

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FUE Hair Transplant – Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Dr. Mohebi was interviewed by Cosmetic Town to break down everything you need to know about one of the most popular hair restoration procedures: the FUE Hair Transplant. Enjoy the full interview and breakdown below! What is an FUE Hair Transplant? FUE stands for follicular unit extraction or follicular unit excision. This refers to when we go with a special device and try to remove follicular units one at a time without making a big cut or removing a big piece of the skin. This is so the grafts that we remove are barely bigger than the size of […]

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Hair Transplant Plug Repair – Case Study

Hair Transplant Plug Repair

Today, thanks to advancements in hair transplant technology and techniques, we are now able to restore patients’ hairlines with amazing results that are relatively undetectable to the layman’s eye. However, many people are unaware of the advancements made in the hair transplant field and believe that hair transplants still yield the same “pluggy” results seen from procedures performed 20+ years ago. Thankfully, since the art and science of hair transplantation have greatly improved over the past couple of decades, giving patients who have suffered from “pluggy” hair transplants the option to fix the results from previously botched procedures has never […]

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The Best Hair Transplant Treatment is The One That Looks Most Natural

best hair transplant

When you are faced with hair loss, you have a few decisions to make. Will you choose the best hair transplant treatment option, or will you struggle with options that just do not produce results? There are plenty of hair loss treatment options on the market, but the fact is many of them fail miserably and some can even make the matter worse. Gathering all the information that you need to make an informed decision is the best place to start. What Causes Hair Loss? There is a wide range of reasons why hair loss occurs. In some cases, the […]

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Why you need a “Power Hairline®”

Power Hairline - how its done

  People make judgments based on your appearance in a matter of seconds. The human brain begins to process how one’s posture, smile, style, weight, and most importantly, hair looks and makes judgments on a subconscious level before they even realize that they’re judging you! These judgments, for better or worse, have a significant impact on your life affecting your job, relationships, and overall quality of life. That being said, are you making the best impression you can with your hair? The Power Hairline® When you think of someone getting a hair transplant, it’s likely that you’d think the patient […]

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Female Hair Transplant for Treatment of Male-Patterned Baldness

Did you know that male-pattern baldness affects females, too? If you are a female feeling like your hair is thinning in a male-patterned trend, you are not alone! In fact, it is common for women to suffer from balding patterns similar to men. As women age, the density of the hair follicles around the hairline can decrease and make their hairline look more masculine. Women who experience female hair loss can often feel self-conscious and may try to hide their hair loss by styling their hair or will be going to great lengths to try to hide the balding and […]

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Follow A Real Patient’s Hair Transplant Journey

Hair Transplant Journey

Meet our patient, Dubi. He recently travelled all the way from Israel to our office to have his hair transplant completed by Dr. Mohebi. As part of his experience, he has decided to document and share with everyone his entire hair transplant journey. From arranging Uber rides to office office to post-transplant hair washing (and everything in between), Dubi is including every aspect of the hair transplant recovery process in his daily Instagram posting. He is now only 11 days into his journey and showing off his progress and recovery from the surgery. Here are some highlights from the process […]

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Hair Transplantation For Cleft Lip Scarring

Hair Transplant for Cleft Lip

According to the CDC, “each year in the United States, about 2,650 babies are born with a cleft palate and 4,440 babies are born with a cleft lip with or a cleft palate.” The cleft lip is a congenital disorder that results in a physical split or gap in the upper lip. Since the cleft lip can cause a variety of health problems, kids are usually treated early on with surgery. The cleft lip surgery can successfully restore the continuity of the lips and their function, but typically leaves unpleasant scars where the patient cannot regrow hair. Recently, I had […]

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