Sam Smith – His Thoughts on Balding and Hair Transplants

The number of men that suffer some form of hair loss is in the millions. Some men accept their hair loss and do not attempt to make any changes to their scalp while others have a hair transplant to address the issue of balding. Sam Smith, the Grammy-winning singer, recently discussed the topic of his hair loss in an interview with Vogue. He shared the reasons he decided to make a change in the appearance of his hairline. Smith also named the person that gave him hair transplant advice that prompted him to have a hair restoration procedure. Sam Smith […]

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Hair Transplant in Turkey – Pros and Cons

Patients that have thinning hair or balding patches on the scalp often turn to a hair transplant to address the issue of patterned hair loss. While there are hundreds of board-certified hair transplant surgeons across the country providing patients with natural results that last a lifetime, some people decide to travel abroad for a hair transplant. One of the most popular locations for hair transplant surgery is the country of Turkey. Why Patients Travel to Turkey for a Hair Transplant A Turkish newspaper named Hurriyet reported that, as recently as 2017 about 60,000 people visited the country of Turkey to […]

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Joel McHale – Multiple Hair Transplants Revealed

Joel McHale talks about his hair transplant

The pressure to stay relevant in show business means that many Hollywood actors and actresses have cosmetic surgery procedures that turn back the clock on their appearance. One procedure that is popular among male celebrities is a hair transplant and this is true of actor Joel McHale, He is known for the TV shows “Community” and “The Soup” as well as hosting the game show “Card Sharks”. Pressure to have Perfect Hollywood Hair The hair on the head of a person is a source of great interest for many celebrity watchers. While the hair on female stars is often judged […]

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Hair Transplant – What is it and how is it Performed?

How a hair transplant is performed and what it is

When the phrase “hair transplant” is mentioned in conversation, some people instantly think of the pluggy and unnatural results that used to be visible to others. Hair transplant results have evolved greatly over the last few decades to the point that they are long lasting and natural in appearance. Our office often receives many questions about hair transplants and the length of time that the results last after a hair restoration procedure. Here is the important info all patients need to know regarding hair transplants. What is a Hair Transplant? A hair transplant is an outpatient procedure that is performed […]

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COVID-19 and Hair Loss – Causes and Solutions

Stress and Anxiety Linked to Covid-19 Connected to Hair Loss

As the spread of COVID-19 continues across the United States, hair loss is emerging as one of the medical conditions being experienced by a growing number of coronavirus patients. While the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has not officially listed hair loss as a COVID-19 symptom, many people are posting photos of thinning hairlines, patchy areas on the scalp and large clumps of hair that have fallen out of the scalp.. They are posting their photos on social media and in online support groups. Here are some of the reasons hair loss is happening in patients battling the […]

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Donald Trump Hair Secrets – Is McDonald’s Responsible for His Hair?

No matter what anyone thinks about the job Donald Trump has done while leading the United States, most people agree that the appearance of his hair is sometimes unnatural. Donald Trump has rarely been a person that admits to suffering any kind of hair loss and has even gone on “The Tonight Show” in an effort to prove that his hair is real by letting the host pull on his hair. Trump recently made an odd statement about his hair by claiming that McDonald’s might be responsible for keeping his hair healthy and full. Donald Trump and McDonald’s – The […]

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Female Hair Loss – Five Effective Treatment Options

Hair Loss Treatment options for females

The hair on the head has always been a symbol of a person being viewed as youthful and successful. For females, their hair has often represented their level of sexiness in the eyes of others. A full head of hair can make a person feel good about their appearance and give them a healthy self-image as well as confidence and even a sense of style. Unfortunately, many women suffer from hair loss for a variety of reasons. As recently as 2015, the National Institutes of Health reported that around 21-million American women suffered from some form of alopecia. In addition, […]

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Hair Loss and COVID-19 – See the Surprising Connection

See the connection between the COVID-19 virus and hair loss

Hair loss is a common condition among male and female patients. Some of the common causes for hair loss include genetics as well as a reaction to certain medications or hormonal changes. Many doctors are also reporting another growing cause for hair loss among patients. These doctors say patients are suffering from hair loss related to the coronavirus pandemic and it is impacting people who had the virus along with others that never became sick from COVID-19. Hair Loss and COVID-19 The majority of people naturally lose somewhere in the range of 50-100 hairs on a daily basis. Hair loss […]

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