Hair Restoration Seminar Series: San Diego

Hair Restoration seminar in San Diego

After our first successful seminars in Scottsdale, AZ and San Francisco, CA we are excited to move forward to our next seminar in San Diego, CA! The seminar will be held at Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego on September 21st between 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Seminar Summary In line with our mission of spreading the latest information about the field of hair restoration, our seminars visit a different city across the USA every 3 months, where I present a comprehensive review of the hair restoration process. After attending the seminar, anyone interested in undergoing a procedure will be armed […]

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Top 3 Best Celebrity Hair Transplants

Best Celebrity Hair Transplants

Patients often come to our office with pictures of celebrities with great hair that they want to look like. To their surprise, a lot of these celebrities have had hair transplants, themselves! With August being national hair loss awareness month, Dr. Mohebi interviewed with Cosmetic Town to bring awareness to a few of of the best celebrity hair transplants, letting everyone know that some of the best hair in Hollywood is thanks to modern hair transplantation. So let’s find out if your favorite celebrities made the top 4 celebrity hair transplants! Jude Law Another celebrity that struggled with a receding […]

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Hair Loss 101: Causes And How It Works

hair transplant bay area

Hair loss is a common problem among both men and women, especially as people grow older. While some amount of hair loss is normal and is just a part of daily life, accelerated hair loss can be a source of insecurity for many. But what causes hair loss, and how does the process work? Understandings the basics of hair loss can help you protect your hair and prevent further hair loss in the future. Normal Hair Loss: What We Usually Lose While many people are concerned with losing hair or going bald, not everyone knows that some degree of hair […]

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Eyelash Transplant – Case Study

Eyelash Transplant

After West London resident, Itinder Kaur fell on the street during a night out, she thought that she had lost the eyelashes on her right eye for good. The accident occurred over 5 years ago when she fell into some gravel and was accidentally dragged by a friend, scraping her face and eyelashes. 5 years later and she was still unable to grow back roughly 25% of her right eyelashes. FUE Eyelash Transplant Thanks to recent advancements in hair transplant technology and technique, Dr. Mohebi and Dr. Asim Shahmalak were able to help Itinder and restore her eyelashes for good! […]

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The Best Hair Loss Solutions For Men: From Prevention to Hairline Surgery

beard to hair transplant

Hair loss can strike at almost any age. And the cause can boil down to many factors. A poor diet. Aging. Or even genetics. Either way, losing your hair can really take a hit to your self-esteem. Luckily, there are varying ways you can fight and win the battle. So whether it’s as simple as implementing a personal prevention plan, something more invasive like hairline surgery, or a moderate option like opting for a beard to hair transplant, here are some of your options. Prevention Losing hair is normal. On average, humans lose between 50 and 100 hairs per day. […]

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The Best Hair Transplant Treatment is The One That Looks Most Natural

best hair transplant

When you are faced with hair loss, you have a few decisions to make. Will you choose the best hair transplant treatment option, or will you struggle with options that just do not produce results? There are plenty of hair loss treatment options on the market, but the fact is many of them fail miserably and some can even make the matter worse. Gathering all the information that you need to make an informed decision is the best place to start. What Causes Hair Loss? There is a wide range of reasons why hair loss occurs. In some cases, the […]

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Case Study: Beard-To-Scalp Hair Transplant

beard to scalp fue transplant case study

With the groundbreaking advancements in hair technology we have experienced, we can give patients hair restoration options that were never seen as possible. One of those procedures is the beard to scalp hair transplant. Who needs a beard-to-scalp hair transplant? For many patients that do not have an ideal amount of donor hair on the back of the scalp, hair transplant surgeons must look to other parts of the body to get high-quality donor grafts to transplant in the scalp. For men, the beard is the first option after the scalp for donor hair to transplant in the scalp. Beard […]

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2019 Europe FUE Workshop | Manchester, UK

FUE Europe Workshop in Manchester 2019

Recently, I was invited to serve as a faculty member for the 8th Annual FUE Europe Conference. The event was located in the beautiful city of Manchester, UK on June 6 – 8, 2019. The purpose of the workshop, similarly to others I have attended in the past, was to gather the elite hair surgeons of the world in one place to discuss the latest in hair restoration innovation, surgery, networking, and social functions. Appointed faculty members from all over the world presented cases, gave keynote speeches, and demonstrated live surgeries as part of this amazing event. Cranial Surgery Scars […]

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