Ricki Lake’s Struggle With Hair Loss

Ricki Lake Hair Loss Struggle

As we’ve discussed in previous blog posts, hair loss is an issue that does not discriminate. No matter what your race, gender, occupation, or socioeconomic status is, losing your hair can happen to anybody. That being said, the psychological effects of hair loss can be much more harmful to certain demographics, especially women & celebrities. The most recent celebrity (and female) to open up to the public about her hair loss is talk show host, Ricki Lake. Her hair loss story came to light when she posted a picture of her newly shaved head on her social media profiles and […]

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Could Plant Stem Cells Cure Hair Loss? – Scientific Study

Could Plant Stem Cells Cure Hair Loss?

Why are we so attracted to products and treatments that contain the words ‘organic’, ‘natural’, etc.? In recent years, consumers have become more aware of both (1) the effects we have on the environment by using certain products, as well as (2) the benefits natural, organic products have on our body – especially in health-conscious cities like our very own Los Angeles. When it comes to the hair restoration industry, consumers have begun to feel the same way about using natural, environmentally-friendly options. As a result, health and eco-conscious consumers look for alternatives to chemicals like Minoxidil, which is not […]

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News from the World Congress of Hair Restoration

2019 World Congress of Hair Restoration

The 27th World Congress of Hair Restoration and World Live Surgery Workshop featured pioneers in the field of hair restoration poised to shape the future of this growing medical specialty. The event was held in the beautiful City of Bangkok, Thailand from November 13-17, 2019. The World Congress is the biggest meeting in the field of hair restoration and is held in a different part of the world every year. It is known as one of the most unique and progressive events in the hair restoration community, where colleagues from around the world get to share their expertise and learn […]

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Why Did LeBron James’ Crown Fade Mid-Game?

When it comes to “fadeaways”, LeBron James is one of the first names that comes to mind… Now, for both good and bad reasons. Not only does the King have one of the most insane turnaround fadeaway jumpers, but his ‘fadeaway’ hairline has been scrutinized by the media and public for quite some time now. In fact, this is not the first time we have taken part in analyzing LeBron’s hairline on our blog. We’ve been covering the miraculous return of his hair, as well as the journey his hair has taken from Cleveland to Los Angeles as far back […]

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FUE Hair Transplant – Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Dr. Mohebi was interviewed by Cosmetic Town to break down everything you need to know about one of the most popular hair restoration procedures: the FUE Hair Transplant. Enjoy the full interview and breakdown below! What is an FUE Hair Transplant? FUE stands for follicular unit extraction or follicular unit excision. This refers to when we go with a special device and try to remove follicular units one at a time without making a big cut or removing a big piece of the skin. This is so the grafts that we remove are barely bigger than the size of […]

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4 Medical Causes of Permanent Hair Loss

hair clinic

Some causes of hair loss are temporary. For example, stress, radiation treatment, chemotherapy drugs, and fungal infections (also known as ringworm) can cause temporary hair loss. Hair typically grows back after these forms of hair loss, and hair transplant surgery or other forms of hair restoration are unnecessary. Rather, these may be treated with hair loss medications, hair pieces or wigs, and a lot of patience. However, other causes of hair loss are either permanent (at least according to our current understanding) or are due to a chronic illness, which may be untreatable or which the patient may choose not […]

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Solving the Hair Loss Crisis

hair loss treatment

While environmental factors can most certainly accelerate the process of balding, typically, active hair loss takes anywhere from 10-20 years as the hair continues to thin and miniaturize before the actual balding process is complete. What does this mean for you? This means that you have approximately 10 years to prevent the balding process. Kidding kidding, hair loss is a serious problem that affects men and women of various ages. For many it is no laughing matter as such, it is important to note that there are hair loss treatments available. In this article you will find, the three best […]

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Hair Line Surgery: What To Expect

hairline surgery

A hair transplant is the only sure-fire way to restore your hair permanently. Unfortunately, many people waste time and money on hair restoration methods that just do not work. Surgical methods are typically the best way to go, assuming you’re a candidate for these procedures. If you are considering hairline surgery for hair restoration, there are a few things that you should know. When you’re ready to take permanent action pertaining to your hair loss, turning to a hair transplant clinic in San Francisco that has helped thousands of people just like you may be the best solution. Hairline surgery […]

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