Hair Loss Types and Treatments

Finasteride & Melasma

finasteride and melasma

Besides hair transplantation, there are many other medical options for treating hair loss. However, it is important for doctors to consider the potential complications and side effects hair loss medications can cause patients. A recent study suggests that one of the most common treatments, Finasteride (Propecia), could cause a skin condition called Melasma, also known as hyper-melanosis. Here is what you need to know! What is Melasma Melasma, or acquired hyper-melanosis, is a skin condition that consists of dark spots or hyperpigmentation. It is reported to be a common side effect of using finasteride (Propecia) for treating hair loss. Melasma […]

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Parsa Mohebi, MD The First in America to Transplant Long Hair FUE Grafts

For many men considering a hair transplant, the thought of shaving their head to achieve a full head of hair is a deal-breaker. The potential humiliation of going any time, let alone months, to regrow a shaved head is perceived greater than the satisfaction of a lifetime of having hair. Thankfully, advancements in the last year in FUE have made it possible for men to get a hair transplant without shaving their head, making it almost impossible to tell that you had a transplant. Too good to be true? Take a look at the video below, as Dr. Mohebi performs […]

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Movember Vs. No Shave November – Everything You Need to Know

No Shave November and Movemeber

The month of November, also known as “Movember” or “No Shave November”, has long synonymous men with men growing moustaches and unkempt beards for the entire month. But, why? Is it simply because both have a good ring to them? Is it because men are lazy and want an excuse to not shave? In the spirit of keeping up with everything hair-related, we decided to take a look into the origins and meanings of ‘No Shave November’ and ‘Movember’ and give our readers the scoop. Enjoy! Is there a difference between ‘Movember’ and ‘No Shave November’? Although Movember and No […]

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Why you need a “Power Hairline™”

Power Hairline - how its done

  People make judgments based on your appearance in a matter of seconds. The human brain begins to process how one’s posture, smile, style, weight, and most importantly, hair looks and makes judgments on a subconscious level before they even realize that they’re judging you! These judgments, for better or worse, have a significant impact on your life affecting your job, relationships, and overall quality of life. That being said, are you making the best impression you can with your hair? The Power Hairline™ When you think of someone getting a hair transplant, it’s likely that you’d think the patient […]

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African American FUE – How To Frame the Face

How To Frame the Face With FUE

Contrary to popular belief, hair transplants are not only for those who are experiencing active hair loss. Many men (and sometimes women, too) genetically have hairlines that are further receded than normal. Others may have lost hair, but will not continue to. Although their hairlines may not be actively receding, having a high hairline can cause them to feel insecure. For these patients, a hair transplant may be the only way to achieve self-esteem through getting the hairline they’ve always wanted. Case Study: Framing the Face for an African-American Patient In this case, the patient did not have any family […]

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“Is my hairline receding?” Here’s Everything You Need to Know:

Receding Hairline how to tell

If you feel that your hairline is receding, you are not alone. In fact, by age 35, two-thirds of men will experience some level of visible hair loss. Although a receding hairline is a problem many men and women face, it is not always easy to tell if your hairline is actually thinning, or if it’s just your imagination. So, how do you know if your hairline is actually receding? After reading this article, you will know how to find out for sure if your hairline is thinning and what you can do about it. How to tell if your […]

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How to Help Prevent Male Pattern Hair Loss

hair loss

If you’re experiencing male pattern hair loss at an early age, you may feel like you can’t relate to anyone. It’s isolating to feel like you’re suffering from an issue that, visibly, many other people may appear not to be. Even if you feel alone, male pattern hair loss is actually pretty common. And better than that, there are some things you can do.  Figure Out What’s Causing Your Hair Loss While it’s pretty easy to determine if you’re losing your hair, it can be a lot harder to figure out why it’s happening. Many people think it’s due to […]

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Common Myths That Shouldn’t Scare You Away From a Hair Transplant

hair transplant

If you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant, you’ve likely done a lot of research on the subject. And chances are you’ve stumbled upon a fact or two that might have scared you away from hair transplants completely. But what you saw online might not have actually been true! Here are a few common myths about hair transplants you shouldn’t believe. MYTH: You Need to Have it Done When You’re Younger Many people believe it’s better to get a hair transplant when they’re younger versus when they’re older. But that might not be the smartest idea. When you’re young, your […]

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