Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant is a hair transplant method that is light years beyond the outdated hair restoration method of hair plugs that did not provide a natural look to the hairline. FUE is when hair grafts are individually harvested from the donor area of the scalp or body. This method of harvesting hair follicles allows the grafts to be removed without leaving a linear scalp scar.

FUE Advantages

There are a number of causes for male pattern baldness and they include:

  • No linear scar following the surgery
  • Reduced overall recovery time
  • Minimal post-op pain
  • Increased regions from which to harvest as surgeons can now use areas of the “safe zone” that used to be off-limits such as areas of the permanent zone where hair grows at a very steep angle The ability to use hair from other parts of the body for transplant including the beard and body hair
  • The creation of a more balanced final result by reducing donor area density and minimizing the contrast between the donor zone on the scalp sides and the back and transplant areas

Disadvantages of FUE

  • Limited number of grafts available to be transplanted in each session
  • Operator dependent procedure requires superb hand/eye coordination
  • More expensive as the hair is harvested individually which makes it more labor intensive
  • More time consuming due to the limited number of grafts which can be obtained per session
  • People with a higher hair demand usually need more than one hair transplant session to achieve the coverage they desire

How FUE is Performed

Our practice harvests FUE grafts with the help of a variety of tools including robotic, motorized and manual devices. The decision of how to harvest and extract the grafts is made on a case by case basis.

Each of the methods described below is aimed at the goal of reducing total out of body graft time and improving the overall survival rate of the individual grafts.

  • Chasing Method – This method enables the technician to quickly extract from the donor area very soon after the physician scores the grafts. This extraction occurs almost immediately after the grafts are scored as the technician remains near the scoring surgeon. This method serves to lessen the out of body time of the grafts as well as increase their overall viability.
  • Premade Incisions – Designing and making the target sites before beginning the graft extraction process is another technique used to facilitate implantation of the grafts post-extraction.
  • Serial Extraction and Placement – This method was developed by Dr. Mohebi as a way to implant FUE grafts as soon as they are removed. This is achieved by having his surgical team work in sequence to minimize the out of body time of the grafts and improve follicular graft survival.
  • Simultaneous FUE Extraction and Placement – Simultaneous FUE extraction and placement is a hair restoration method designed to improve the growth of the transplanted hair follicles. The extracted grafts are implanted immediately after they are extracted from the donor area. In less than an hour, the grafts are scored, removed, counted by the surgical team and sorted under a microscope before being implanted. This method minimizes the time grafts stay out of body and can improve the overall quality of the transplanted hair.

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    Donté -1615 Grafts

    Before my hair transplant, I knew I needed to make a change before my hairline was too far gone. My hair loss was making me insecure and was also giving me an older look. From the moment I walked through...

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    Joe Buck

    I feel like I went back in time 15-20 years, back when my hair was thicker and better. I can’t recommend it enough and I couldn’t be happier with the procedure.

    View Journey
    Matthew – 1622 Grafts

    Before I made the decision to have a hair transplant, I still had a good amount of hair on my scalp, but I was worried about keeping a youthful look. I consider my hair transplant to be an investment in...

    View Journey
    Kenny Lofton

    I look at my hairline now and it’s back! Once you understand the whole process, it is so simple.

    View Journey
    Kelly – 4960 Grafts

    When I started to lose my hair at the age of thirty, my hair loss happened at a rapid pace. This was an issue for me because, as a celebrity hairstylist, I have always been very aware of how I...

    View Journey
    Jose Canseco

    It looks incredible. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is the best here in LA, he’s very accommodating, he makes you feel extremely comfortable, the staff is great.

    View Journey
    Erez – 2315 Grafts

    The reason I decided to get a hair transplant was because I was losing my hair in the front. Meeting Dr. Mohebi put me instantly at ease because he was very nice and open with me while also seeming real...

    View Journey
    Steve – 2988 Grafts

    Losing my hair made me feel very insecure and look much older than I actually was. The process was remarkably easy. There were no real challenges. Dr. Mohebi was there all the way through for me and made me feel...

    View Journey
    Matt – 3504 Grafts

    Why wouldn’t every man get a hair transplant? Who wants to be receding or worse, bald? I would recommend it to everyone. Really! What is funny is the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. I was so...

    View Journey
    Jeff – 3 Sessions: 7656 grafts

    I hated the way I looked and how that changed my social and work life. We are judged by our covers and losing my hair changed all that. He's absolutely the best. I was turned down by 3 other surgeons...

    View Journey
    Max – 3 Sessions: 7200 grafts

    Along with a great hair transplant can come a great lifestyle change.  If a person feels that hair loss has been holding him/her back or bringing down his/her level of happiness, I recommend that they consider the impact a hair...

    View Journey
    Rick – 2026 Grafts

    Before I made the decision to have a hair transplant, I was very self-conscious about the look and density of my hair. I almost always wore a hat, and I never let anyone take a photo of me. I avoided...

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    Patrick – 2001 Grafts

    In all honesty, once I found out that a hair transplant was a viable option for me and that I was a good candidate, there really wasn't a reason not to get one. I had been struggling with my receding...

    View Journey
    Ray – 2710 Grafts

    I did a lot of research in order to find the best surgeon for me. When I finally met with Dr. Mohebi, I instantly felt like I could trust him.  He really spent time with me to plan different hairline...

    View Journey
    JC – 3464 Grafts

    By the time I was 28, I had a quickly receding hairline and a major opening on my crown. It’s devastating at that age to look in the mirror and appear older thanks to hair loss. I wanted to reverse...

    View Journey
    Joe – 1570 Grafts

    My decision to get a hair transplant was motivated by the desire to make an investment in my appearance and my confidence. Dr. Mohebi was always available to me if I had any questions about the procedure. The surgical process...

    View Journey
    Marc – 2249

    I wanted to get a hair transplant to look more handsome Dr. Mohebi is the greatest doctor I’ve ever met in my life. He strives for excellence with all of his patients. The hair transplant process was smooth, well executed...

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    John – 1506 Grafts

    Wanted to maintain my look.  I'm not into cars, clothes, property, etc. so I invest in myself.  I believe in presenting your best to people.  Most people handicap themselves through dressing sloppy, gaining weight, or even just being rude and vulgar. ...

    View Journey
    Sorush – 766 Grafts

    I decided to get a hair transplant in order to address the issue of my hair loss over the years. It was obvious after meeting Dr. Mohebi that he loves what he is doing and loves helping people make a...

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    Channing – 3138 Grafts

    I had wanted my hairline to stop receding since college. I tried other options and creative hairstyles, but it was all frustratingly futile. If there was even a breeze I had to wear a hat. I started asking people where...

    View Journey
    Nazie – 5669 Grafts

    A few years ago, I had a facial cosmetic procedure that became complicated and left me with significant scarring on my head. I lost hair on a large area of the frontal part of my scalp. I thought my life...

    View Journey
    Elia – 2942 grafts

    As a young man, I associated an incredibly thick mane with beauty, charm and strength.  It was sensual. I exuded a sense of pride, confidence and an inordinate vigor for life.   As time progressed, however, it was rather painful...

    View Journey
    Jonathan – 2731 grafts

    My hair was thinning and I wanted to maintain a stronger hairline than what I was beginning to show. It has given me more confidence and the ability to style it in more attractive ways. Dr. Mohebi is an innovator...

    View Journey
    Scott – 6677 Grafts

    I felt like I needed a change in my life as well as my look. I was almost completely bald and knew that it was a “now or never” time for me when it came to the procedure. I had...

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    Before and After FUE Hair Transplant (2,048). Two Procedures. 8 Months Elapsed

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    journey to a fuller, more confident you!


    Ready for change?

    Schedule a consultation now to kickstart your
    journey to a fuller, more confident you!