Akon – Singer Shares Why He Had a Hair Transplant

There are some celebrities who have a hair transplant and will not admit to undergoing a procedure. On the other hand, there are other celebrities who will admit to it after the procedure or when they are asked about their hairline by their fans or the media. One celebrity who recently admitted to having a hair transplant is the singer and record producer, Akon. Take a look below to learn more about his reasons for deciding to have a hair transplant as well as the reaction of the public to the procedure.

Akon Discusses His Hair Transplant

In a recent interview with Bootleg Kev, Akon admitted to having “a procedure” designed to restore the appearance of his hairline. He also revealed that the surgical procedure only cost him $7500. The 49-year-old singer told Bootleg Kev, “In the beginning, my whole front was loose. It was real thin.” Kev also asked Akon if the procedure was painful and he replied, “Nah, no.” He did refer to the numbing process as “no joke” but he does appear to be happy with the final results. He said, “It looks amazing” while Kev said Tory Lanez, a rapper and singer, should have visited the same doctor. Akon replied with, “I told him. I said, ‘Tory should’ve came to my man.’ Like, bro, you know.”

Akon – Social Media Memes About His Hair

Akon talks about his hair transplant

Akon has also acknowledged the change in his appearance by responding to the multiple memes that have appeared in the wake of his new hairline. Thankfully, he appears to be a good sport about all of the jokes being made about his new look.

Some of the comments on Twitter about his hair include:

  • “Akon got the frontal sitting too low”
  • “They gave akon the panoramic hairline”

Akon is one of a growing number of male celebrities who decided to have a hair transplant to combat their hair loss. Even though he joked about telling Tory Lanez to visit the same doctor, Lanez has been open about having a hair transplant to address his hair loss (but he has not talked about going to the same doctor as Akon). When asked about his reasons for having hair restoration surgery, Lanez said, “If you look back at my old pictures, my only issue was [that] my corners were back here. I fixed my corners and I let the rest of my hair grow in. I’m coming back with the braids. I’m coming back crazy on y’all. Y’all think it’s a joke.”

Hair Transplant – How it is Performed

The hair transplant process starts with a doctor examining the scalp of the patient in order to determine the reason for the hair loss as well as the extent of the hair loss. The surgeon will also be able to answer any questions the patient has about the procedure and set realistic expectations about the amount of available donor hair and the type of results the patient can expect to enjoy after the procedure.

The donor hair is normally taken from the back or sides of the scalp because the hair on this part of the scalp is resistant to balding. If there is not enough available donor hair on the back or sides of the scalp, or the hair is not high-quality enough to use, the surgeon can make the decision to use donor hair from the beard or scalp of the patient.

Tiny incisions are then made in the targeted area of the scalp so the hair grafts can be transplanted into the balding or thinning section on the scalp of the patient. The transplanted hair will start to grow like the natural hair on the scalp and provide a greater amount of density and fullness to the area where the hair was lost or thinning. The results are permanent, which means the patient will enjoy a lifetime of positive results.

Celebrity Hair Transplant Explained

As mentioned at the start of this article, there are some celebrities who do not want the public to know they had a hair transplant. We offer an innovate FUE hair transplant procedure known as Celebrity Hair Transplant™ that is a popular option for celebrities (and the general public) that want to keep their procedure anonymous. It is an outpatient hair restoration surgery that has little detectability and a minimal amount of downtime.

It is a non-shaven FUE procedure that uses a multiphasic extraction device to remove the hair which eliminates the need to precut the hair shafts. In other words, there is no need to shave or trim either the recipient or donor areas (in most cases) which means patients can come into the procedure with long hair and wear the same hairstyle when they leave the office. Keep in mind that this procedure is labor intensive so the number of hair grafts that can be transplanted is more limited than a traditional hair transplant procedure.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this innovative hair transplant technique, or African American hair transplant as in the case of the singers we discussed above, are invited to contact our office today for more information.