Hey LeBron – What are You Trying to Comb?

It is not an insult to LeBron James to say he does not really have a full head of hair. There has been much speculation in the past about his hairline and whether or not the NBA superstar has undergone a hair transplant. The conversation about his hairline was renewed earlier this month when the Lakers superstar performed an odd action with his hair after a recent game.

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LeBron James – NBA Fans React to Him Brushing His Hair

A recent postgame video of LeBron James caught the attention of the public when the video showed James brushing his hair during an interview after a recent game. The reason the video was so popular is that there are many sports fans who think James had gone bald in the past and had a hair transplant or that he should just go bald and not worry about trying to maintain his hair. While LeBron does have some hair on his head, a few of his fans feel there is not enough on his scalp to worry about leaving on his head.

Some of the online reactions included one fan saying LeBron’s scalp was going to start bleeding from the brushing while another person said he had hair like James and then went bald. This same person also suggested that James should go for the bald look as well. There were even some fans who were curious why James had not made the decision to go bald or to use part of his considerable wealth to get a hair transplant.

While LeBron can certainly afford a hair transplant, he has not admitted to the public whether or not he has undergone the surgery. Former NBA player Charles Barkley has also urged James to simply shave his head, but LeBron has not followed that advice.

LeBron James – Continuing Speculation About His Hairline

See LeBron James hairlineOne of the most interesting things about LeBron James is that the conversation about his appearance goes far beyond his athletic skill and performance on the court. The changing look of his hairline has become an ongoing subject of speculation and gossip.

The speculation about a possible LeBron James hair transplant goes beyond NBA fans. The topic is one that is discussed by the general public, celebrity gossip websites, those who have undergone hair restoration surgery, and possible hair transplant patients who are considering having the procedure.

One of the reasons that some members of the public, and even some hair transplant specialists, believe he had a surgical procedure to restore his hair is because of what appears to be visible scars on the head of the basketball superstar.

In addition, the continuing curiosity about his hairline also includes people who are convinced he had a hair transplant thanks to photos of LeBron in his younger years and then a receding hairline in the past decade. They compare the photos of a younger LeBron James to more modern photos that have a fuller hairline and these online detectives are convinced they have found the solution to the puzzle about the appearance of his hair.

One aspect of the discussion about his hairline that is often overlooked is the fact that there is more to LeBron James than his hairline. Between his achievements on the court and his appearances in movies, there is certainly more to the man than his physical appearance.

However, if LeBron James did have a hair transplant, is there a technique that is available that would help him to hide the fact that he had a Los Angeles hair transplant surgery?

LeBron James – Celebrity Hair Transplant (the Procedure)

As mentioned earlier in this article, LeBron James has never admitted one way or another if he has undergone any type of surgical hair restoration procedure. Since he is constantly in the public eye, he would likely want to take the necessary steps to make sure the public was not aware of any changes made to his hairline.

LeBron might be an ideal candidate for Celebrity Hair Transplant™ by Dr. Parsa Mohebi which is an innovative and popular hair restoration surgery designed for patients who want to keep their hair transplant as anonymous as possible.

The procedure is a type of non-shaven FUE hair transplant that involves a minimal amount of downtime after the surgery as well as having hardly any level of detectably by the average person.

In most cases, there is no need to shave or trim either the donor area or recipient area which means a patient has the ability to leave the office wearing the same hairstyle they were wearing when they arrived at the office. The results do not include any visible scars and the hair grafts will be evenly distributed in the donor area.

One of the main reasons this procedure would be ideal for a widely recognized person like LeBron James is that the results are discreet in appearance as opposed to the typical appearance of the scalp after a hair transplant. Plus, patients are able to resume their regular routine after the surgery which means the average person will not suspect any type of change to the hairline.

While no one except for James (and his family) likely know whether or not he has undergone a hair transplant, if he wants to have one in the future, doctors keep the personal names of their patients confidential, so we won’t tell anyone LeBron came to see us!