FUE Hair Transplant Beverly Hills, CA

FUE Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills, CA

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) This hair transplant method is praised for its efficiency as it leaves no scar where the hair grafts are removed. We have listed some of the benefits of FUE below so you can learn more about this industry-leading procedure and the type of results you can expect to see after the procedure.

If hair loss is happening on your scalp and you don’t feel like you have any help, you can treat the issue by receiving FUE Hair Transplant in Beverly Hills, CA from Parsa Mohebi Hair Treatment. Reach out to our experienced FUE hair transplant surgeon Beverly Hills, CA today for more information.

The appearance of thinning hair, or bald spots on the scalp, can impact the self-image of a person and lessen their confidence. Hair loss can also make a person look older and make them not want to interact with others in-person. Thankfully, there are cutting-edge hair restoration techniques available to refresh the hairline and give a patient a more youthful look in one surgical procedure.

One of the most popular hair restoration methods that provides results that last a lifetime is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) This hair transplant method is praised for its efficiency as it leaves no scar where the hair grafts are removed. We have listed some of the benefits of FUE below so you can learn more about this industry-leading procedure and the type of results you can expect to see after the procedure.

FUE vs. FUT – Learn the Difference

When it is time to consider having a hair transplant, there are two main surgical hair restoration choices and they include FUE and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). Both of these procedures involve your surgeon moving hair grafts from the donor area of the scalp and transplanting them to the balding areas on the head. There are some differences to be aware of when choosing a hair transplant method:

  • In FUE, the surgeon removes the hair grafts individually from the donor area on the body (usually the back and sides of the scalp) to the balding area of the scalp. FUE is considered to be less of an invasive procedure than FUT so many patients choose this technique since it does not leave a visible scar.
  • In FUT, the surgeon cuts a strip of skin from the scalp so the hair follicles can be moved, in their natural grouping, to the areas of the scalp that are thinning or balding. The downside to FUT is that there will be a noticeable scar in the scalp section where the strip of skin was removed so it can be obvious to others that a hair transplant was performed.

In order to make an informed decision about FUE or FUT hair transplant, you should consult with the experienced hair transplant team at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration.

What to Keep in Mind

Both men and women undergo Beverly Hills, California hair transplants from our clinic because they want to add more lush hair to the areas that are thinning or balding. This procedure entails taking hair from other parts of the scalp, and using them as “donors” to spots that lack natural hair growth. Transplant surgery is a safe and common treatment. However, by keeping in mind these tips and advice below, you can quicken your recovery and optimize the results: 

Sleep with Head Raised

After the procedure, it is important that you keep your head in an upright position. You can use a recliner or add several pillows to keep the upper part of your body raised. In this way, excessive bleeding, swelling, and irritation can be reduced because gravity will coax blood to flow away from the scalp. Furthermore, sleep in a position that doesn’t cause irritation to the surgery area. Maintain clean pillowcases and sheets so the scalp is not exposed to germs and bacteria while healing. 

Use Gentle Bathing

Avoid washing your scalp right after surgery. Oftentimes, it’s best to wait three days prior to washing your head. And even then, you have to be gentle and use only recommended shampoos. Your scalp will be very tender and extra sensitive, requiring plenty of time to heal. If you experience flakiness and itchiness, you may be permitted to apply a fragrance-free lotion or SPF. Your doctor will talk with you about when it’s okay to put lotion or hair conditioner on the scalp. 

Avoid Sweating and Strain

Do not partake in activities that will cause you to sweat, such as yoga, running, and working out at the gym. The scalp will be at an increased risk for infection and irritation, so you must stay out of the sun if at all possible. Once the scalp heals, your doctor can give you the okay to resume your normal activities. Each patient is unique in their circumstances and how long they need to heal. Do not rush your body’s recovery and just give it the rest it needs at this time.

Give Your Body Nutrients

Because the human body needs certain nutrients to perform functions of the body, eating healthy and giving your body nutritious foods will be paramount. Refrain from junk food, spicy food, and too much alcohol. Vegetables, fruits, and healthy proteins are ideal, in addition to drinking plenty of water. By doing so, you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to heal effectively after treatment. 

Myths About FUE Hair Transplant

When you are wondering which method to use for successful hair growth, you may have heard of FUE. Understandably, deciding which process to use to have natural hair growth is not simple and you should speak with your doctor to see what may be best for you. When you are looking into FUE for your hair growth, you may have read about some myths that concern you or maybe even discourage you from going through with the procedure. However, it is important to understand the difference between myth and fact. To learn more about the myths surrounding FUE hair transplants, read below.

Myth #1. You cannot resume normal activities. This is not going to be the case. You are encouraged to resume normal activities and can even wash your hair, get haircuts, or go out into the sun if that is what you usually do. It is just important to remember that you may need to take precautions. For example, you may need to wait a few days before washing your hair or going into the sun, especially as your scalp is healing. Remember to wait for your doctor’s okay to resume activities.  

Myth #2. You will experience serious pain during the hair transplant surgery. When you get the procedure done, you should expect to be under anesthesia. When this is the case, you will not experience pain during the procedure. After the procedure, there may be soreness or slight discomfort, but you can speak with your doctor about pain medication. 

Myth #3. You will see results immediately after the surgery. This is not going to be the case, but do not let this discourage you from getting the procedure. In fact, a few weeks after your surgery is complete, you will likely see significant hair loss from where you transplanted. That said, around a year after surgery, you should have an idea of the final results of how much hair will be growing and what your hair density and hairline will look like on a more permanent basis. 

Getting any kind of surgery can be a scary experience and when you are hoping for immediate results, it can be disheartening not to see them. However, it is important to trust the process and bring up any questions you may have with your doctor. They can alleviate any concerns you might have and explain what will happen in as little or as much detail as you need. 

Facts about FUE Hair Transplant

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration operates innovative Hair Transplant Centers for a wide variety of California clientele. We understand that you want hair restoration for your specific needs. There are many reasons to get a FUE hair transplant in Beverly Hills, CA.

Benefits of FUE

  • Natural Looking – Our innovative procedures result in high patient satisfaction and natural-looking results.
  • Minimal Discomfort – Our process is minimally invasive. Our outpatient process results in quick healing times and little complication.
  • No Scar – There is no scalpel. Therefore there are no incisions, no stitches, and no linear scar.
  • Affordable – FUE is the most affordable hair transplant procedure on the market.

Reasons to Choose Parsa Mohebi

There are many reasons to come to the Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration for FUE hair transplant in Beverly Hills, CA. Our team uses the latest tools and training when removing the graft to minimize out-of-body time. Our expedient process will help the implant grow more efficiently. This technique is called simultaneous extraction and placement.

This type of follicular unit extraction is based on some updates of our prior methods. Our surgical teams use the latest equipment, including the Mohebi Inserter, invented by our own Dr. Parsa Mohebi. Dr. Mohebi is one of the most innovative and sought-after hair restoration surgeons in the world. His devices were designed to reduce implant time. The extracted follicular unit grafts into the recipient areas shortly after extraction.

Five Steps in the FUE Procedure

  1. Design of the new hairline with artistic consideration for your future hair growth
  2. Local anesthesia is applied to the recipient area to keep you comfortable during the process.
  3. Sites are created in the scalp by making tiny incisions where the grafts will be implanted.
  4. Extraction of the donor hair follicles, which are then counted and prepared.
  5. Implantation of the hair in the premade sites designed to match the natural curvature of your hair.

Typical Results

The specific FUE method used depends on your individual goals and needs. Our team of renowned surgeons is effective at correcting patterned hair loss, lack of facial hair, scalp scars, and congenital hair loss. We know that restoring your hair can make a difference in your confidence.

The results of FUE hair transplant in Beverly Hills, CA are remarkable and positive. The complications are minimal and may include some numbness for a few hours and scalp redness for a week. The resulting hair transplants begin growing quickly. Early hair growth occurs within 2-3 months. Your full results will be visible within 10-12 months.

Contact Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration in Beverly Hills Today

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we know that a full head of hair can make a difference in your self-confidence. A healthy head of hair creates the impression of a person being youthful and strong. Many patients that are losing their hair want to regain the positive self-image provided by a healthy head of hair.

Contact our experienced medical team today to get more information about FUE hair transplants. The first step in the hair restoration process is making a call to our Beverly Hills medical office. Get in touch with Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration today about FUE hair transplant in Beverly Hills, California.

FUE Hair Transplant Beverly Hills, CA

It is a well-known fact that a FUE hair transplant in Beverly Hills, CA can have lasting impacts on your life. A full head of hair is just one of the benefits that happen with this kind of transplant. As most know, losing your hair can truly impact how you live your life. While some people are ready to embrace the baldness, others want to keep their locks and now it is an option that won’t be disappointing like some of the shampoos that claim they are a miracle. 

If you have ever been curious about the benefits of this type of treatment then read on. Here are some of the benefits of an FUE hair transplant:

Suitable For Different Hair Conditions

While there are some conditions out there that make this process harder, the vast majority can get a hair transplant done. It is effective in later stages of hair loss which many hair remedies can’t say. This may mean having to undergo the transplant surgery till there are enough donor sites to transplant the hair follicles from, but it is possible to help with later stages of hair loss. Your doctor will go over what you can expect from your treatment and if you will need any more sessions or if one is the right option for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about this. 

Permanent Solution 

A hair transplant surgery grafts the hair follicles at bald spots and this means the hair transplanted will regrow hair just like other natural hair. Now, you won’t see amazing growth right away, as it takes about 9-12 months for the hair to really start. The new hair will shed and become white with time like your other hair. It will go through the same process as the hair not in the bald spots does. 

No Maintenence Cost

Yes, the initial cost of a hair transplant surgery is going to be more than other hair treatments, but it is worth it. The treatment cost includes the pre-surgery examination and the post-surgery consultation. Once the surgical procedure is done there is no need for any maintenance costs in the future. Unlike other hair products that don’t have permanent results and you have to keep using, the cost doesn’t add up with a hair transplant surgery. 

High Sucess Rate 

Since hair transplant is a surgical procedure the success rate is fairly high. Hair follicles are manually grafted from one place to another with precision to give you the most natural appearance possible. This means that the delicate follicles are treated with care as to not damage them. In many cases, the success rate is about 99 percent. Where other products can’t promise such a thing. 

Natural Appearance 

Cosmetic procedures and other temporary producers like wigs can give an unnatural appearance. While there are some amazing wigs out there, the cost can add up to maintain them. With a hair transplant, your hair grows naturally giving you the most natural hairline possible. Aside from taking care of where the transplant took place, you don’t have to provide it with any special care once it is healed. 

If you are considering a FUE hair transplant in Beverly Hills, CA then reach out to Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration today.