What Do I Need to Know Before My Transplant?

Thank you for scheduling your hair transplant procedure with Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration.  Our individualized approach to each patient means you’ll receive the best care possible during each step of your journey.

The first item you need to know before your hair transplant is… Breathe deep and relax.  You’ve already taken the big step of choosing to receive a hair transplant.  Your care is now in the experienced hands of the doctor and our dedicated team.

We perform procedures in both our Woodland Hills and San Francisco offices. Please confirm the location of your procedure with the office staff.

The following is a list of instructions for you to follow prior to your procedure. If you have any questions about the instructions below, please call our office as soon as possible.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible before, during and after your procedure.

Your Personal Hair Transplant Timeline:

  • Medications – Are there a number of medications you take on a daily basis? If so, some of them might have a negative impact on the healing process following your surgery. After consulting with your primary care doctor, you will need to stop taking them at least 2 weeks before your procedure. If your doctor has advised you to continue taking them for any medical reason, please let us know as soon as possible. Some of the medications you should stop taking include:
    • Antiplatelet medications (Aspirin, Plavix and Pradaxa) need to be stopped due to an increase in the risk of bleeding during and after the procedure
    • Anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen aka Motrin or Advil and naproxen aka Aleve)
    • Anticoagulation medications (warfarin aka Coumadin) as well as all of the newer anticoagulation medications such as Xarelto.
    • Some over-the-counter products have been known to have an anticoagulation effect so they should be avoided before most surgical procedures (Fish oil, vitamin E, Omega 3, St Johns Wart, Gingko)
  • Eating/Drinking – It’s important to avoid eating or drinking anything (except water or clear liquids) prior to your transplant starting at 12 A.M. (Midnight) the evening before you are scheduled to come in. Your procedure is being done under sedation and local anesthesia and this may be affected by your consumption.
    If you take any essential medications such as heart medicine or blood pressure medicine on a regular basis, please continue taking them the day of the procedure. You may take them before your surgery along with a sip of water.
  • Alcohol – Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages the day before as well as the day of your procedure. Alcohol can interact adversely with medications administered before and during a procedure.
  • Smoking – Avoid smoking the day before and for the first 5 days after your hair transplant. Smoking negatively affects the healing of the transplanted or donor area after any procedure.  For reasons related to surgery, we define “smoking” as anything that involves the production of CO or CO2 like cigarettes or a pipe. The consumption of edible marijuana is not considered to be smoking. In addition, vaping is likely not considered to be “smoking” in regards to your surgery preparation but it is best to avoid vaping the day before the procedure as well as the first 5 days after your hair transplant.
  • How to dress – On the day of your hair restoration procedure, please dress comfortably in a shirt or a dress that unbuttons in the front.
  • Haircut – We would like you to arrive at our office wearing the hairstyle, as well as the length of your hair, that you will want to wear once the growth of your hair is complete after your hair transplant. Wearing your hair in this manner will allow us to easily see which areas of the hair are thinner and need more density added to them to achieve your desired hairstyle. If you have any doubts, long hair is always a preferred option when you arrive at our office. We will perform any necessary cutting of the hair in our office.
  • Beard Shaving – If you are using your beard hair as donor hair, please shave your donor beard two days before the procedure using a razor. Once you have shaved the beard, please do not shave or trim it again for 48 hours before your procedure.
  • Hair wash – On the day of your hair transplant, take a shower and wash your hair with your regular shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly with an adequate amount of water. Avoid using any products (hairspray, mouse, gel, pomade, etc.) in your hair on the day of procedure.
  • Parking – For our Woodland Hills office, parking is located at our all the way down Farralone Ave to the left of the cul da sac where the open black gate is. There is open parking available. For San Francisco office, parking is located at our building and is $35 for the day.
  • Duration of procedure – Your procedure may take between 5 to 10 hours depending on the number of grafts you are receiving.
  • Ride – In addition to administrating local anesthesia, we generally use sedatives to keep you relaxed during the procedure. You can drive yourself to our office the morning of your transplant but you will need to have a ride home (arranged in advance) following your procedure. You will not be permitted to drive because you may still be under some sedation after the procedure. If necessary, we can arrange for an uber to drive you home that day.

Payment for Your Hair Transplant

  • A down payment of $2,000 for every procedure day is required as a deposit on the day you book your hair transplant. This amount is refundable as long as you change your appointment date or cancel the procedure at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled date.
  • You will be charged for the remaining balance one month before the date of your procedure. There is no guarantee for the number of grafts you will receive. On the day of your hair transplant, the doctor will decide how many grafts can be safely harvested. You will only be charged for the number of grafts that you receive.
  • Please bring your ID with you on the day of your procedure.

Once again, if you have any questions before your procedure day, don’t hesitate to call us at

818-788-8363. We will be glad to assist you.  Thank you again for choosing Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. We hope that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience with us.