Beard Hair Transplant Doctor Beverly Hills, CA

Beard Hair Transplant Doctor in Beverly Hills, CA

Beard Hair Transplant Doctor Beverly Hills, CAIn a traditional Beverly Hills hair transplant, the surgeon removes hair grafts from the donor area of the scalp in order to transplant the hair grafts into the balding areas of the scalp.  The hair grafts are normally taken from the back and sides of the scalp of the patient. There are times when a hair restoration doctor has to transplant hair grafts from another area of the body besides the traditional donor area (sides and back of the scalp). When there is not enough quality hair in the traditional donor area to transplant to the balding areas of the scalp, a hair restoration doctor can take donor hair from the beard of the patient and transplant it to the scalp.

There are many reasons a beard hair transplant doctor Beverly Hills, CA decides that beard hair is a viable option for a patient. The beard is considered to be one of the best sources of hair for men who are suffering from male patterned baldness. In addition, hair from the beard can also increase the available hair supply that is able to provide the amount of hair restoration desired by the patient.

Beard Hair Transplant – Advantages of the Procedure

The performance of beard hair transplant often happens when the hairline can positively benefit from the extra hair that is available in the beard (that is not available in the traditional donor area).

The use of beard hair as donor hair for the scalp also allows a Beverly Hills hair transplant doctor to preserve the traditional donor hair for areas of the scalp that are viewed as being “critical” such as the frontal hairline, the eyebrows, and the temporal points.

Thicker beard hair is also advantageous for a patient that wants to achieve a greater amount of bulk on the top and crown of the scalp during a hair restoration procedure performed by a beard hair transplant doctor in Beverly Hills, CA.

When to Have Beard Hair Transplant

It is not always easy for a patient to know if they are an ideal candidate for beard hair transplant simply by looking at their appearance in the mirror. They need to be examined by an experienced and board-certified hair restoration surgeon to learn if they can benefit from a California beard hair transplant.

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