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Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Los Angeles, CA

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Los Angeles, CAScalp Micropigmentation Treatment Los Angeles, CA

Hair loss on the scalp can be addressed by having a Los Angeles hair transplant but there are times when patients want to make further changes to the appearance of their scalp. For anyone that desires an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of their scalp, a viable option for them is scalp micropigmentation treatment in Los Angeles, CA.

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), which is also known as trichopigmentation, is performed to imitate the appearance of a closely shaved head using dermal pigments. The procedure can also provide the look of more fullness on the scalp by blending in with the natural hair that is already present on the scalp. Scalp micropigmentation is often performed without the use of anesthesia and is considered to be a relatively non-invasive procedure.

In general, an ideal candidate for Los Angeles scalp micropigmentation is someone without enough hair to cover the balding area of the scalp with the desired density. Keep reading this informative article to learn more about patients that are ideal candidates for SMP Los Angeles so you can see if you fall into any of these categories.

Scalp Micropigmentation Ideal Candidates

 If you are considering having scalp micropigmentation treatment in Los Angeles, CA, here are some viable candidates:

  • Patients who had a previous hair transplant but still experience scalp visibility because of large balding areas or thin hair.
  • Female patients who are not good candidates for a hair transplant because of a lack of donor hair elsewhere on the scalp to provide a fuller appearance.
  • Someone who has a scar on the scalp, due to a previous hair transplant or trauma, and wants to reduce its visibility.
  • Men who suffer from male patterned baldness often have a balding “horseshoe pattern” that is visible on their scalp. Scalp micropigmentation Los Angeles creates the look of a full head of hair in these patients.

If you want more information about scalp micropigmentation, and if you are an ideal candidate for Los Angeles SMP, the experienced team at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is ready to answer your questions.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) Process

The process for your scalp micropigmentation treatment in Los Angeles, CA will begin with speaking to your doctor from Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. Our doctors will discuss your options and overall goals for your treatment. Once these factors are understood and known, the next process will be finding the spot on the scalp to perform the treatment. This will be in your control as it is your decision which look you desire for your treatment. Once your first scalp micropigmentation treatment session has been set up, you can then prepare for that first visit. When that session is over, it’s important to keep that sensitive area of the scalp where the treatment has been performed dry and free from sunlight. If avoiding the sun is impossible, ensure to wear sunscreen.  Your Los Angeles, CA scalp micrpigmentation treatment doctor from Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration will determine how many sessions you will need to complete your full treatment. We will also review your options, further details for recovery, and more. It’s our goal to make you comfortable and satisfied with your appearance. Your confidence, self-esteem, and personal aesthetic goals will all improve with this procedure. Contact us today to get started.

The Recovery Process

The recovery process is much easier and shorter than having to go through a FUE or FUT treatment process. While these processes are ideal for some candidates, SMP is better for others. SMP is an outpatient procedure that will see you going home the same day and generally having a session for a few short hours. There will be some redness on the scalp for a few days following the session and generally within 1 to 2 weeks for most people the recovery process will already be concluded. If you have ever received a tattoo, then the recovery process and timeline is quite similar with a scalp micropigmentation procedure. Los Angeles, CA scalp micropigmentation treatment has been something that many people have turned to in order to get a more aesthetically pleasing hair and scalp appearance. Our doctors at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration are both skilled and experienced when it comes to this procedure. Contact us today to begin your consultation and to get your treatment started.

SMP Treatment After Your Session

Following the first few days after your treatment, it is advised to keep your scalp as dry as possible and to avoid sunlight for that sensitive area. Keeping the SMP treatment area clean is also especially important. Applying sunscreen to that area is beneficial and avoiding swimming pools or other wet areas is also something helpful for the sensitive time after your treatment. Your scalp may be itchy following the procedure for a short period of time, so doing your absolute best to avoid scratching that area is important to keep it healthy. Our doctors can fill you in more on the details and what to do and not to do following the procedure. We look forward to your consultation and improving you to the appearance you desire.

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The appearance of balding areas on the scalp can make a person have less confidence in their appearance and want to make a change in order to improve their self-image. Scalp micropigmentation provides the look of a fuller head of hair without the need to have a hair transplant. SMP works to increase the thickness of balding hair as well as increase the appearance of the hair density of a patient.  In addition, scalp micropigmentation can accurately simulate the appearance of a closely shaved head in patients that are completely bald.

Contact our experienced medical team today so you can get the answers you want to know about the procedure known as scalp micropigmentation. Give yourself the look of a closely shaved head and improve the overall aesthetic appearance of your scalp. Call the office of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration today about scalp micropigmentation treatment in Los Angeles, CA.