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Male pattern baldness affects 50% of all men over 50 years old. It’s a frightening statistic, especially when you consider how much stock people put in good hair. It symbolizes youth, vitality, strength – and above all, it makes us feel better about ourselves. Hair isn’t there just to keep your head warm, it’s there to send a message. And when your hair starts thinning out, that message gets weaker.

There are many possible causes for hair loss, but the most talked-about cause is male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, there’s only a few treatments available for MPB, with varying degrees of efficacy. Read on to learn more about your options, and see how a San Francisco, CA hair restoration doctor can help.

My hair is thinning. What are my options?

There are only two FDA-approved medications for hair loss, and both of them are going to keep you waiting before you see any kind of result.

You’ve most likely heard of Rogaine before – in fact, you might have tried it before deciding it wasn’t for you. It’s a topical medication (available in a few different forms, such as foams or shampoos) that you have to apply to your scalp twice a day. Unfortunately, if you see any kind of improvement with Rogaine, you’ll have to keep using it for the rest of your life to maintain those results – and you’ll have to wait at least six months before seeing if it works or not.

Aside from Rogaine, the FDA has approved Propecia to treat hair loss. Unlike Rogaine, Propecia isn’t available over the counter: You’ll need a prescription, instead. Propecia is a pill that you take once a day, but (like Rogaine) you’ll have to wait for a while before seeing any results. It isn’t as effective in men over 60, and there’s also the off-chance it will negatively impact your sex drive.

If you’re not comfortable taking a chance on Rogaine or Propecia, we have a solution: Hair transplant surgery. While it sounds drastic, hair transplants have been the high watermark for hair restoration for years, and as the hair transplant field advances, the results get better and better.

As hair starts to thin, certain areas go bald first, and some might not even go bald at all. The front and the top of your scalp is the first to go, while the sides and back retain the most hair for the longest period of time. Simply put, hair transplant surgery just takes hair from the sides and back of your head, and puts it back in those spots that are going bald.

When you consider hair transplant surgery, you have two choices: FUT, or FUE. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) involves surgically removing a strip of skin and grafting it onto your bald spot, and FUE involves removing and reinserting individual hair follicles instead. FUT is usually used when balding has progressed to a more extreme degree, and it can leave some scarring. On the other hand, FUE leaves barely any scarring at all, and looks a lot more natural.

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