What Is Involved In Your Hair Transplant Consultation?

We appreciate you considering Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration as your hair transplant provider. As you gather information and work on making your final decision about having a hair transplant, you might be curious about the steps involved in a typical hair loss consultation appointment in our office. Here is what you can expect during your Los Angeles hair transplant consultation appointment as we prepare you for your hair loss surgery:

Obtaining Your Medical and Hair Related HistoryConsultation Appointment

  • Past history – Before your appointment with Dr. Mohebi, you will need to fill out a form that describes your past medical history including surgeries you had previously and any medications you currently use or have used in the past. We also want to know what hair loss treatments or medications you have used in the past.  Please bring your medication list to your hair consultation appointment so you will remember all the details.
  • Hair loss impact on your life –We also want to learn how hair loss has impacted your life and career and what your priorities are in terms of hair restoration.  This knowledge helps the doctor develop a master plan to reach your desired final results.

History and Physical Exam by the Doctor

  • Hair Loss miniaturization studyMedical history –We will go over your complete medical history to see if there are any past medical issues that might adversely affect your ability to have a successful hair transplant
  • Physical examination – We review your hair loss pattern, skin and hair condition and any styling options you currently use.
  • Microscopic evaluation –We’ll perform a hair miniaturization study that shows the areas of scalp where you have active hair loss as well as predict the future of your baldness. This is a very critical test that lets the doctor determine if you have healthy donor hair and proper recipient skin that allows for full growth of your hair.
  • Other diagnostics – At times, other diagnostic tools might be necessary to determine the cause of your hair loss and how to treat your condition.  Some patients may need further blood work or a scalp biopsy if the doctor suspects other types of hair loss that may need non-surgical treatments.

Crafting a Master Plan

Hair Line Planning

  • During the consultation appointment, the doctor will craft the best overall plan that suits your hair loss condition at the present time while also presenting the best options for the future.  This plan not only includes the surgical procedure, it considers the medical treatments as well as styling and cosmetic products that will give you the best results.
  • Medication– You might not be a good candidate at this time to undergo a hair transplant but there are medications we can discuss that can help slow the rate of your hair loss.
  • Hair Transplant – If you are ready to have a Los Angeles hair restoration procedure, we’ll explain the difference between FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant and Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant to help you make an educated and informed decision regarding your transplant choice based on your goals as well as your available amount of donor hair.
  • Once you make the decision about which hair restoration technique to undergo, we will design your hairline in order to give you the high quality results you desire and deserve.
  • The post-op steps you need to follow after your procedure will be discussed with you during your hair transplant consultation.  This discussion includes the final results you will see, when to expect them, the steps you need to follow after the surgery and any potential complications.

Now that you know what is covered in a Los Angeles hair transplant consultation appointment, make your appointment by calling our office at (888) 302-8747 or by contacting us with this convenient online consultation form.