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Hair Loss Research and Treatment Making News in 2020

Hair Loss Research and Treatment Methods Making News in 2020

It seems like each year bring news that promises an end to hair loss or a new discovery that might eventually lead to hair loss being a thing of the past. Hair loss can be the result of genetics, certain medications and even some form of trauma to the scalp. In order to combat hair loss, both male and female patients look for hair restoration methods that can provide them with the full hairline they desire. Let’s take a look at the latest medical innovations, and even some that might not be all that new, being promoted as a way […]

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Research Suggests Balding Men at Higher Risk of Severe Coronavirus

Research says balding men higher risk of severe coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted men and women of all races and ages. While coronavirus often does not seem to discriminate between those suffering from the disease, a recent study seems to show a strong connection between men that are balding, AKA suffering from hair loss, and severe cases of coronavirus. Researchers Comment on Balding Men and Coronavirus The link between the severity of COVID-19 and baldness has been getting more attention in the past few months. There are some researchers who believe that the link between balding and coronavirus is so strong that they are asking for baldness to […]

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FUE Hair Transplant – Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Dr. Mohebi was interviewed by Cosmetic Town to break down everything you need to know about one of the most popular hair restoration procedures: the FUE Hair Transplant. Enjoy the full interview and breakdown below! What is an FUE Hair Transplant? FUE stands for follicular unit extraction or follicular unit excision. This refers to when we go with a special device and try to remove follicular units one at a time without making a big cut or removing a big piece of the skin. This is so the grafts that we remove are barely bigger than the size of […]

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The Best Hair Transplant Treatment is The One That Looks Most Natural

best hair transplant

When you are faced with hair loss, you have a few decisions to make. Will you choose the best hair transplant treatment option, or will you struggle with options that just do not produce results? There are plenty of hair loss treatment options on the market, but the fact is many of them fail miserably and some can even make the matter worse. Gathering all the information that you need to make an informed decision is the best place to start. What Causes Hair Loss? There is a wide range of reasons why hair loss occurs. In some cases, the […]

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Can Women Get Hair Transplants?

can women get hair transplants

Although the vast majority of hair transplants are performed on men, women can get hair transplants, too! At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we make an effort to shed a light on the subject and get rid of the stigma that hair transplants are a procedure for men only. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about female hair transplants, and provide you with the facts! Statistics For Women’s Hair Transplants It is true that hair loss is more common in men, but hair loss is a condition that affects both men and women. The statistics […]

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Hair Transplant Beverly Hills

Hair Restoration Beverly Hills

According to an article by Total Beauty, Beverly Hills topped the list of U.S. Cities with the Most Plastic Surgery, reporting roughly 1 plastic surgeon for every 500 residents. It comes as no surprise that Beverly Hills has the most plastic surgeons per capita since it is located in the hub of Los Angeles- the land of cosmetic excellence and constant self-improvement. And in a city like this, nothing signifies status better than a new and improved self image!   What does this mean for Hair Transplants in Beverly Hills? Some would argue that the hair is the most important […]

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More than The Length of a Hair’s Difference

While hairline reduction and hair transplants can both lower the hairline, there are quite a few differences in the procedures. How does a patient decide which procedure is best for them? The decision eventually comes down to a variety of factors: A consultation with a good hair transplant doctor The expectations the patient has before undergoing a procedure Which of the two procedures best fits their expectations and their individual needs When a patient is considering having a procedure to lower his or her hairline, it’s important to know the different advantages of the two procedures: Hairline Reduction Advantages: The […]

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Is Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant the Future?

Beard to scalp hair transplants have become more common. Most of these are performed to correct male pattern baldness. Encouraged by our strategies and new findings on how to use facial hair, we have performed numerous beard to scalp hair transplants in the last two years with great results. But, the procedure may need to be performed more than once on many of these patients to ensure full coverage of the balding area. Luckily, a beard to scalp hair transplant can provide patients with a plentiful source of hair.  This is especially important for men who don’t have sufficient donor hair […]

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