Hair Transplant Techniques and Tips

Can Women Get Hair Transplants?

can women get hair transplants

Although the vast majority of hair transplants are performed on men, women can get hair transplants, too! At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we make an effort to shed a light on the subject and get rid of the stigma that hair transplants are a procedure for men only. In this article, we will answer some of the most common questions about female hair transplants, and provide you with the facts! Statistics For Women’s Hair Transplants It is true that hair loss is more common in men, but hair loss is a condition that affects both men and women. The statistics […]

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Hair Transplant Beverly Hills

Hair Restoration Beverly Hills

According to an article by Total Beauty, Beverly Hills topped the list of U.S. Cities with the Most Plastic Surgery, reporting roughly 1 plastic surgeon for every 500 residents. It comes as no surprise that Beverly Hills has the most plastic surgeons per capita since it is located in the hub of Los Angeles- the land of cosmetic excellence and constant self-improvement. And in a city like this, nothing signifies status better than a new and improved self image!   What does this mean for Hair Transplants in Beverly Hills? Some would argue that the hair is the most important […]

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More than The Length of a Hair’s Difference

While hairline reduction and hair transplants can both lower the hairline, there are quite a few differences in the procedures. How does a patient decide which procedure is best for them? The decision eventually comes down to a variety of factors: A consultation with a good hair transplant doctor The expectations the patient has before undergoing a procedure Which of the two procedures best fits their expectations and their individual needs When a patient is considering having a procedure to lower his or her hairline, it’s important to know the different advantages of the two procedures: Hairline Reduction Advantages: The […]

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Is Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant the Future?

Beard to scalp hair transplants have become more common. Most of these are performed to correct male pattern baldness. Encouraged by our strategies and new findings on how to use facial hair, we have performed numerous beard to scalp hair transplants in the last two years with great results. But, the procedure may need to be performed more than once on many of these patients to ensure full coverage of the balding area. Luckily, a beard to scalp hair transplant can provide patients with a plentiful source of hair.  This is especially important for men who don’t have sufficient donor hair […]

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Shaved Hair for Scalp Scar Camouflage

I met a patient who had a hair transplant several years ago.  He was in my office to check out his options for revising his scalp scar, but I had a hard time finding the scar when I parted his hair on the back of his head. He explained that he had come up with a method to hide the scar on a day to day basis. I thought his way of camouflaging the scar was genius. I thought I should share his novel method and the photos with our blog followers.  I am sure there are many people who […]

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Your Top 3 Questions About FUE, Answered

About two-thirds of men experience some hair loss by the time they’re 35, and 90% of balding men say that hair loss is their top concern. With numbers like those, it’s no surprise that 800,000 people seek hair loss treatments every year. There are many treatment types, including hair replacement options done via surgery, scalp pigmentation, laser hair growth stimulation and even topical applications. Some are more successful than others, and not all patients are good candidates for all methods. But if you’re investigating any or all of your hair restoration options, one term you’re likely to come across is […]

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Facial Hair Transplant Gives New Hope for Hair Loss Sufferers

With the rise of new and more efficient methods of hair extraction through FUE hair transplantation, more options are becoming available to us for increasing the donor reserve of hair for bald patients. Although many bald patients have enough permanent hair to last their entire lives, some may not have an adequate number of grafts for their hair transplantation. The lack of sufficient donor hair is most frequently seen in people with larger balding areas such as the ones who have more advanced stages of hair loss.  Although these individuals usually have enough hair to change their hair class and […]

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Celebrity FUE Transplant is Gaining Popularity

The Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant is a hair restoration procedure that doesn’t require any shaving, which perfectly fits the life style of celebrities. That is the reason why we decided to name this procedure Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant, however just because the name includes celebrity, it does not need to be limited to celebrities. Since the introduction of the Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant back in 2012, we have done many of them which led us to have a better understanding of the more efficient ways of doing a FUE hair transplant in the last few years. The combination of the […]

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