transgender hair transplant doctor San Francisco, CA

Transgender Hair Transplant Doctor in San Francisco, CA

Embracing your gender identity means making big changes – and a transgender hair transplant doctor in San Francisco, California can help you finally be who you were really meant to be.

Your transition is a big journey, and it means a lot of changes inside and out. It’s important to look like who you really are, and whether you’re just beginning your transition or are already several months (or years) into your new life, you can count on Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration to help you achieve the aesthetic goals you have in mind.

Hair Transplants for MTF Transgender Patients

Beautiful hair is a hallmark of feminine identity, and MTF transgender patients deserve the very best. While hormone replacement therapy can stop the progress of male pattern baldness, it can’t completely reverse it. If you experienced receding or thinning hair before your transition, a transgender hair transplant doctor in San Francisco, CA, can adjust your hairline.

Hair transplants involve taking hair from where hair is usually thickest (the back and sides of your scalp) and transplanting it where hair thins the most (the front and top of your scalp). When a surgeon is performing a hair transplant on an MTF transgender patient, they can take steps to feminize the hairline, straightening it and softening it and pushing it slightly downwards. Of course, this careful sculpting also applies to FTM transgender patients.

Hair Transplants for FTM Transgender Patients

Transgender hair transplants can help both MTF and FTM transgender patients. Male hormones can increase hair growth in other parts of the body, but if an FTM patient is undergoing HRT, they also run the risk of male pattern baldness. It sounds counterintuitive, but it happens. While hair grows elsewhere, it starts to recede up top. Fortunately, hair transplants can preserve and shape a suitably masculine hairline for FTM patients.

In addition to transgender hair transplants affecting the hairline, FTM transgender patients may also benefit from facial hair transplants to facilitate the growth of beards and other facial hair. Transgender hair transplants are used to adjust hairlines, add facial hair, and thicken existing body hair as well. It’s a lengthy process, but the right doctor can walk you through your needs so you can reach the aesthetic goals you have in mind.

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It’s important to be comfortable with who you are, and it’s important to match who you are on the outside to who you really are on the inside. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is ready to help.

Whether you need to feminize your hairline or just fill in some spots that started to thin out before your HRT, transgender hair transplants are an important step to finally becoming who you were really meant to be. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and fully embrace your new identity: Reach out to Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration today, and see how a transgender hair transplant doctor in San Francisco, CA can help you achieve the new life you deserve.