Breaking News – Fox News Anchor Wearing “a Rug?”

Bret Baier is a well-known face to the viewers of Fox News. Baier has been with the network in various capacities since 1998 and he is currently the chief political correspondent for Fox News as well as the host of “Special Report with Bret Baier.” As with any other news reporter, his appearance is studied on a daily basis and viewers of the news channel are not afraid to share their opinions or speculation about his current look. Baier was recently accused by one viewer of wearing “a rug” on his head in place of having natural hair.

Fox News Anchor – Question About the Appearance of His Hair

In a recent thread on X/Twitter where radio host Hugh Hewitt was praising Baier’s graphic novel for young adults, “The History Club,” one tweet appeared that accused the television personality of wearing “a rug” on his scalp. Instead of being rude with his answer or even just ignoring the tweet, Baier replied by explaining that his nicely sculpted hair is “all me” as well as the result of a gel he wears to tame his curls and “to get it to lay down.” In addition, he thanked the X/Twitter accuser for being a fan.

Baier did not go into any further details about the brand of gel he uses to make his curls stay in place. However, it does create a sense of curiosity of how curly his hair would look without this wonder gel.

Fox News Anchor – Past Gossip About the Look of His Hair

The general perception of news anchors is that they are expected to look their best at all times when they are on the air. Bret Baier normally wears a suit and tie and certainly looks the part of a news anchor with his clothing style. One part of his appearance that he often experiments with is his hair as he has worn a variety of hairstyles over the years. The fifty-three-year-old news anchor has been the subject of a good amount of gossip about his hairline and some of that gossip has been centered around the idea that he might wear “a rug” AKA a toupee on his head. There are other viewers who feel his hair has an unnatural look that might be the result of a toupee or a hair transplant.

There has been speculation about his hairline online and the comments about his hair include the following post on X/Twitter:

“Hello Brett Baier. I’d appreciate it if you could resolve a disagreement between my wife and me. She claims you have a toupee on your head. I believe it is actual hair. Thanks!”

The response from the news anchor included the news that his hair is actually his natural hair along with his natural hair color and not a hairpiece. Since he responded with this information, it can be assumed that he does wear any type of toupee. Having said that, this is not guaranteed because there are some people who are not comfortable with the idea of talking about their appearance and this includes the possibility that a person might not have a natural head of hair. A person simply might not want to admit to anyone that they are wearing a toupee on their head when they are on television.

Due to the use of gel on his head and the desire to look his best at all times in front of his audience, his hair might not look natural to others due to the lights in the studio and the high-resolution cameras that are used during a news broadcast.

Fox News Anchor – Not the Only Gossip About His Appearance

In addition to the gossip about his hair, there has been other speculation about cosmetic changes to his appearance. One example is the speculation that he had Botox injections that also changed the look of his eyebrows. One viewer tweeted, “I don’t know what happened to Bret Baier’s eyebrows; looks like some plastic surgery went awry. He’s starting to look more like Leonard Nimoy’s Spock every day.”

Another person tweeted to Baier and told him to “lay off the plastic surgery” as the person who tweeted said the Fox News anchor looked “too pulled back.” Baier replied by answering, “Never had any plastic surgery. But thanks for watching.”

Even with all of the denials issued by Baier about his hairline, it is still his word against the word of his viewers. It is up to the individual person or viewer to decide if they believe the Fox News anchor about his hair being natural in appearance. While there is no reason to not believe him, there is also the idea that he does not want his viewers to know if he does not have a natural head of hair. In other words, the truth about the hair of this Fox news anchor might never be known by the public.