Tom Hanks Hair Transplant – Did It Happen?

It is not an understatement that say that 66-years-old Tom Hanks is one of the mist beloved and popular actors in the world. Hanks is known across the globe, but he might have a secret that he has been hiding from his fans. There is some speculation that the actor had a hair transplant in the past to address the issue of thinning hair on his scalp. Did it actually happen? Let’s take a look at the story behind the possible hair restoration procedure of Tom Hanks.

See if Tom Hanks has had a hair transplant

Tom Hanks – Hair Transplant Gossip

The first question many people ask about Tom Hanks and hair restoration is:

“Why would Tom Hanks have a hair transplant?”

For one thing, some celebrity gossip reporters have noted that, around the year 2014, the hair of Tom Hanks started to grow more on the sides than it did on the top of his scalp. This could result in any thinning or balding areas on the scalp being more noticeable because of the growth of more hair on the side of the head and less on the top of the head. Some of the gossip surrounding his possible hair restoration procedure says he was viewed as being Norwood Stage 2 with his hairline. The number two on the Norwood scale is considered to be the first stage of baldness for men as the frontal hairline begins to recede until the midline and this also results in a deep recession of hair on both sides of the temples.

The speculation about his possible hair transplant claims it was a smaller procedure in the area of the hairline and the side areas of the scalp where some thinning was starting to become visible. The decision to have a hair transplant performed in this manner allowed him to gain a look that was quite suitable in achieving a natural appearance to the form and shape of his hair.

In addition, the hair transplant was able to give a more youthful and rejuvenated look to the hairline which allows Hanks to have a refreshed look to his face and hair. Hanks has never been known for having long hair so the look he gained (if he had a hair transplant) was not too different from the look the public expects to see from him on a regular basis.

Hair Transplant – Common Concern

Common concern for hair transplantsAs the continuing look of Tom Hanks shows, a hair transplant is able to provide natural results that are also long-lasting. One of the most common concerns patients who are thinking about having the surgery express to their doctors is the fear that others will be able to easily see or detect the fact that a hair transplant was performed.

The hair that is used in the procedure comes from the body of the actual patient. Once it is transplanted into the thinning or balding areas on the scalp, it acts like the native/natural hair in that section of the scalp so it cannot be detected as being “different” from the hair that was already located in the treated area of the scalp.

In general, a hair transplant is a surgical procedure where the surgeon addresses the balding areas on the scalp by moving high-quality hair follicles from the donor area of the body into the thinning or balding section of the scalp. The donor area is usually located on the back or sides of the scalp as the hair in this area has been shown to be resistant to the balding process. (FYI: If there is not enough high-quality donor hair on the back or sides of the scalp, the doctor can take hair from other areas of the body such as the chest or beard.)

Either before or after the harvesting procedure, and also while preparing the hair grafts, the surgeon will create tiny incisions in the area where the balding is occurring on the scalp. The follicular units will be placed in the incisions and also distributed on the scalp in such a way that the patient will gain a hairline that is natural in appearance and not be noticeable to the average person viewing the scalp.

After a few days of being implanted by the surgeon, the transplanted hair follicles will be firmly in place in the scalp.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Transplant, we also perform Celebrity Hair Transplant™ which is a FUE hair transplant procedure that is an ideal choice for patients who want to keep their hair restoration procedure anonymous from their friends and family since there is minimal downtime after the surgery and little detectability. Patients can enter the procedure with long hair and there is normally not any need to shave or trim either the recipient or donor hair. This allows patients to enjoy wearing the same hairstyle when they leave the office as they did when they arrived for the surgery. However, the number of grafts that can be used is more limited due to the amount of labor involved in the procedure.

While it has not been confirmed that Tom Hanks had a hair transplant, his hairline does look good for his age. Anyone who is interested in gaining a youthful hairline through a traditional hair transplant or Celebrity Hair Transplant™ is invited to contact our office for more information.