Fremont Hair Transplant

America has about 17 places called Fremont. We ca not speak for them all, but the one in Alameda County was first incorporated in 1956. With a population of about 240,000, it is the largest of all America’s Fremonts. It makes up part of the Tri-City area, along with Newark and Union City. Several districts make up the city, all of which are quite unique, making one feel as if he or she is visiting not just one place, but many. For instance, the Mission District reflects the area’s old Spanish style roots, mainly with its architecture, whereas the Niles District is quite business-oriented, with its antique stores, museums, and restaurants.

Our business is hair restoration surgery. We have been at it since 2008, when our first office opened in California. Today we see patients from all over the globe—including nearby Fremont. They consult us to experience the very latest techniques in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction. They are techniques proven effective, with most patients experiencing new hair growth in just three months, and full, complete growth in about one year.

Things To Do In Fremont, California

At first you wo not even need to get out of your car, as a drive through Niles Canyon is imperative for all who visit Fremont. The canyon runs from Fremont to Sunol. Cruise along tree-lined ridges that hide glistening streams and cozy little picnic areas. And do not be surprised if you also see railroad tracks, because there is a passenger train that runs through here, and Sunday rides are available throughout the year.

Should you fancy a bit of ice skating (we know, we know), pay a visit to Sharks Ice. This is a huge sports complex that features public skating and training. The facility also hosts youth and adult hockey games. You will find it on Old Warm Springs Boulevard in Fremont.

The Bay Area wetlands is an integral component for clean water and healthy wildlife. Over the past 200 years, however, close to 90 percent of it has been lost to industrial development. For almost 10 years now, Save The Bay Foundation has been working to preserve what is left. In Fremont, the Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge is on board to help. A visit to this scenic park on the water brings you up close to several species on the endangered list. Habitats in the marsh, ponds, pools, and uplands are all here to explore.


Almost As Many Kinds Of Treatment As There Are Fremonts

FUT and FUE have progressed a great deal since their inception. It seems like every year a new refinement takes place to make them even more effective. With FUE in particular, there are lots of ways to approach Fremont hair transplant surgery. At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration we perform just about every one, including:

We have even developed a few innovations of our own, like the Celebrity Hair Transplant and the Power Hairline. Whichever the case, things always start with a consultation. Here we will ask you some questions about family history of hair loss, your overall health, and what your expectations are. Next comes a microscopic scalp exam, and after that, a plan to grow back your thinning hair.

Getting here is no problem either. Our office is only about an hour’s drive north via I-880 North and I-580 West. You will find us at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration patients get the very best in high tech hair transplants by board-certified doctors. For more information, call our San Francisco office at (415) 997-6126.