Patrick – 2001 Grafts

In all honesty, once I found out that a hair transplant was a viable option for me and that I was a good candidate, there really wasn't a reason not to get one. I had been struggling with my receding hairline for several years and it had brought a lot of stress into my life about the future of my hairline. A few gray hairs, here and there, I could handle. But going bald? It wasn't something I was ready for at 30. So once I found out that I could somehow avoid that, I was all in. I honestly can't imagine being any happier with my hair transplant - plain and simple. My friends and family who know I had the procedure are so impressed with my results. Even friends that don't know I've had anything done notice that something is different, though they can't figure it out. Just the other day, I ran into two friends I hadn't seen since before my hair transplant. "You look great! What's different? Is it the scruff? I can't tell what's different, but you look amazing," they said. I told them it was the scruff, but I have a feeling it's the new hairline Dr. Mohebi gave me that looks so natural, no one would ever suspect it. :)