Magnetic Therapy Proven to Stop Hair Loss?

 Magnetic Therapy Effects on Hair Loss

Our patients and readers barrage our offices with questions regarding  exotic methods that are claim to help hair loss.  When these claims are published in sources that appear sophisticated and reputable to the average consumer more confusion sets in.  I receive many questions regarding the validity of these devices including laser combs, LED light hats, magnetic devices, heating caps etc.

The reality is that we only have a few techniques that can actually help hair loss and those are:

  1. Hair transplantation that can permanently move hair from permanent hair zone to balding area
  2. Hair loss medications can primarily can slow down the process of hair loss.
  3. There are two other solutions that appear to stimulate hair growing as a side effect.
  4. A few herbals such as Saw Palmetto with DHT blocking properties.

Hair restoration is a huge market considering that over 60% of white males over the age of 50 have some degrees of hair loss that requires some sort of treatment.  Most of those devices that claim that they can help hair loss are shooting to only sell one time to a small fraction of balding population who are desperate.  The consumers of these products don’t mind spending a few dollars on a new device with a huge claim that seem harmless to them.

If you do the math you can figure out that each of those claims can profit its seller sweetly and as long as there is no regulation to put stop on those commercials we are going to witness more and more of those ads. The best advice is to see a good hair transplant surgeon and remember the tried and true adage; “If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn’t.”