Buzz Cut – Does it Assist in Hair Growth?

Harry Styles is a singer and international superstar who is known for his music, his sense of style, and his wavy brunette hair. Styles is also known these days for throwing his fans into a state of shock after he debuted a new hairstyle that is best described as a close buzz cut.

Buzz Cut Harry – New Harry Styles Look Generates Google Searches

Earlier this month, the speculation about Styles changing the look of his hair was all over celebrity gossip websites. The gossip was confirmed on November 9th when the singer attended a show in Las Vegas by U2. In a video from the show, Styles is seen having a fun time at the event and sporting a head that was freshly shaved.

Styles is not the only celebrity who has ditched their trademark hairstyle for a buzz cut. Additional examples from this year include Florence Pugh at the Met Gala and Bradley Cooper out in New York with a closely shaved head.

Once the news broke about Harry and his new hairstyle, Google searches for “how to shave head” increased by 84% according to a search analysis by GetHair in the United Kingdom. In addition, the number of views of videos on TikTok that included the hashtag, #harrystylesbald, has passed five million since the launch of the hashtag.

Buzz Cut – More Than a Low Maintenance Hairstyle?

Is Buzz cut less maintenanceBesides being a fashionable hairstyle choice, there are some who want to get a buzz cut because it means less time taking care of their hair. Plus, there are others who get a buzz cut in the hope that their hair will be “reset” when it grows back and aid hair that has been damaged or lost in the past due to hair treatment choices such as heat styling or an excessive amount of bleaching.

While the desire to “reset” their hair is on the minds of some who get a buzz cut, does this actually happen?

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding on a buzz cut is having a good idea how long it will take the hair to grow back after the haircut. Depending on the length and amount of hair that is cut, it can take up to a year for the hair to fully grow back to its previous length. Even though a professional hair stylist can make dramatic changes to the look of the hair, many people decide to perform the task on their own and give their hair a look that is close and neat.

Another reason many people decide to go for a buzz cut is the idea that the hair will grow back thicker and stronger than it was before the haircut. Unfortunately, this is simply a myth that makes many believe their hair will be healthier and stronger once it grows back. Yes, the close shaving of the head will remove the hair that has been damaged by bleaching or heat styling (as discussed earlier in this article). However, the hair that grows back after the buzz cut will not be much improved if the person simply decides to treat the regrown hair the same way they treated the older hair that was removed by the buzz cut.

Instead, a person should follow a diet that is full of nutrients for healthy hair such as zinc, protein, iron, and vitamins A, C, D, and E. If these nutrients are not consumed on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet, shaving the hair on the head will not result in the appearance of a healthier head of hair.

If the desire to “reset” the hair is also a wish to see hair regrowth, a buzz cut will not magically make room for new hair to replace hair that has been lost due to genetics, the continued wearing of a certain hairstyle, an infection, or medications. Instead, the person who has lost their hair should consult with a board-certified hair transplant specialist to see if they are an ideal candidate for a hair transplant that can rejuvenate the hairline and give it a fuller and thicker appearance.

The quality of the hair on the head is determined by the makeup of the body as well as the cells in the body. The hair quality can also be impacted by anxiety and stress along with the lack of proper nutrients in a diet. These factors have an impact on the quality of the hair as opposed to shaving the head for a buzz cut hairstyle.

Buzz Cut – The Start of a Hair Transition

While shaving the hair on the head will not result in hair that is thicker or healthier, it will provide a person the opportunity to experiment with various hairstyles while the hair is growing. A person who performs a buzz cut on their hair might think the hair is gaining a thicker look, but this is a misconception. They are actually viewing the widest part of the hair shaft, so the hair is not thicker when it is growing back.