Two Months after Hair Transplant and No Hair Growth


Hello Doctor,

I hope you are well.

Just a few notes on my progress (which I don’t see at this point). Please keep in mind I know I should be patient up to 4-6 months. However, I do not see any of the implanted hair, especially on my temples and frontal area. Basically, all of the transplanted hairs have disappeared without any trace. Maybe this is good as I don’t seem to have redness, bumps or any indication of HT. Maybe my healing or your excellent job???

I have also suffered tremendous shock loss in the crown area and the frontal corners after the hair transplant procedure. Even though I am taking the prescription medicine as instructed my crown has never been so bare. Before, I was able to cover it up, now I have succumbed to using Toppik in order to cover this area until the new hair hopefully grows in and covers it up again.

I was just hoping for your thoughts, although I think I know what you are going to say.


You guessed right and my answer is what you expect. All individuals react differently and approximately 10% of the individuals never completely lose hair after receiving a hair transplant. Most individuals lose every transplanted hair and don’t see any hair growth at all before 3 months.

As it comes to shock loss, some individuals will lose their native hair which is prone to baldness 2-6 months after receiving a hair transplant procedure. What you are experiencing in your crown area can be the beginning of shock loss. At this point, you are losing some of your pre-existing hair and your transplanted hair has not yet grown.

You should start seeing early hair growth when you come in for your 6 month follow up appointment, and remember full results will be seen somewhere between 10-12 months after your hair transplant procedure.