Modesto Hair Transplant

Modesto is found in California’s Central Valley, about 92 miles east of San Francisco. Despite its large population of over 200 thousand, it is surrounded by farmland. Wine vineyards, dairies, and corn fields sprawl beyond Modesto’s boundaries, making the city something of an adventure island in the middle of wide fields. In the 19th century, Modesto was used as a rail stop between Sacramento and Los Angeles. Financier William C. Ralston helped to found the city in 1870. Indeed, his colleagues wished to name it Ralston, but William, in his reputation for modesty, requested they choose something else. The name Modesto was chosen in reflection to the man’s demure declination.

In a similar vein, the team at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration prefers to let its work speak on its own. Since 2008, our board-certified doctors have been performing hair transplant surgery using both the follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction methods. Our newest office opened in San Francisco, in 2019. From time to time we see patients from Modesto suffering various types of hair loss conditions, such as androgenetic alopecia and traction alopecia. We are able to treat both of those, along with many others, using the most modern techniques in the field.

Life in Modesto

Overall, Modesto is a pretty quiet place. The folks are laid back. Their homes line tranquil streets canopied by a great number of well cared-for trees—in fact, Modesto has been labeled as a Tree City by the Arbor Day Foundation for 30 years running. When you do visit here, there is a good chance you will eventually wind up at the city’s center of attention, The Gallo Center for the Arts. This performing arts center features two theaters where famous acts from all over the world are booked every year. Touring Broadway shows make stops here, as do musical acts and ballets.

Downtown Modesto has been revitalized with new restaurants and boutique shops. The architecture puts on a pleasing display of modern and classical styles. Speaking of classical architecture, the McHenry Mansion is Modesto’s last Victorian home standing from that era of the late 19th century. Saved from demolition in 1976, the home is now open for tours.

Some people are well aware that Modesto happens to be the birthplace of famous film-maker George Lucas, and others are not. Whichever the case, should your Modesto hair transplant take place in June, and you decide to visit Modesto during that time, prepare to travel through history to the year 1962. Every June Modesto hosts “Graffiti Summer” in celebration of the film “American Graffiti”, which was set in 1962 Modesto. There are street fairs and classic car parades. The restaurants feature car-hops. The diners emphasize their burgers and soft drinks. Ladies’ skirts have poodles on them; men’s t-shirts are white. Modesto in June is suspended in time.


Wrecking The Curve With Modern Treatment

As you read this, there are literally millions of Americans suffering some form of baldness. Over 1 in 5 are losing their hair, even if the condition is not yet visible. But the staff at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is not one for letting bad news make it despondent. Quite the reverse, we are pleased to help so many people grow back natural hair they once thought lost forever. With FUE in particular, we conduct state of the art surgery on patients of all genders and ethnic backgrounds. Our San Francisco office is located at 55 Francisco Street, Suite 705. There is parking right next door, and lodgings in the neighborhood are easy to find.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is your primary clinic for reversing the effects of thinning hair. To find out how we can help, schedule a consultation today by calling (415) 997-6126.