Stockton Hair Transplant

Stockton is the county seat of San Joaquin county in California’s Central Valley. Central Valley is about 50 miles wide and 450 miles long. It runs almost parallel to the Pacific Ocean and covers approximately 18,000 square miles. During California’s 1848 gold rush, Stockton served as a major supply area for the miners. This because many roads that led to the rush’s most profitable areas connected at Stockton; thus, the city became a kind of hub for all the madness. By 1850 the city was officially incorporated as Stockton (named after navy Commodore Robert F. Stockton).

Local history is probably not the most popular topic with our Stockton patients, but they do seem to be well informed of the area’s past. They know how to do their homework. That is one of the reasons we see patients from Stockton in the first place. Careful research into the most effective, trustworthy Stockton hair transplant clinics in the nation always turns up Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. And coming here is no “gold rush”. The success stories are all true. Men and women who suffer from thinning hair need not continue to suffer. Since 2008 we have been turning the tables on both time and circumstances.

Explore Stockton

The Bob Hope Theater was built in 1930, and today is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. Its architectural style is Spanish Colonial revival, with a round mezzanine and two story rotunda. Catch a classic movie here or dance show. There are plenty of seats, along with a state-of-the art sound system.

The Stockton Children’s Museum has a bittersweet history. First opened by a teacher wounded in the tragic 1989 Cleveland School Shootings, the museum provides children with a safe place to play and explore the exhibits. It also features the 22,000 foot “Kidsworld”, a functional child-sized city with a bank, post office, and grocery store.

Over at Micke Grove Park there is a rather pretty Japanese Garden where you can walk beneath the shade of cherry trees while feeding the koi, or marveling at the 5 story pagoda that towers over the blossoming slopes.

Downtown Stockton is quite the active waterfront district. Buildings of several architectural styles loom over the tree-lined streets, where you will find great shopping and dining at just about any hour of the day. While there, you may also wish to drop by the Haggin Museum. Its art collection features paintings and sculptures by some of the most famous minds to entertain the crafts.


Hair Transplant Surgery, Past And Present

Way back in 1822, a medical student in Wurzburg, Germany took notes on what was to become the first recorded, successful hair transplant. The surgery was carried out by professor Dom Unger. Afterward, activity in the field seems to have fallen quiet, at least until the 1890s, when experimentation with implanting hair grafts began to pick up again.

In 1939, Japanese doctor Shoji Okuda published a set of observations on his experiments with hair transplants. Another doctor from Japan, Hajime Tamura, did that same. Unfortunately, most of their work was lost during the conflict of WWII, all but stalling the science until the 1950s, when their techniques were rediscovered by western doctors.

Today the old “punch graft” method of transplanting hair is long out of practice. Modern surgery in both follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction has replaced it, with results that are so convincing no one would even know a hair transplant patient had gotten surgery without being told.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration employs these modern methods plus many of its own for satisfied clients all over the nation. To find out more about how we can help you or someone you know get back the hair thought lost forever, call our San Francisco office at (415) 997-6126.