“Hair on Air” Podcast Welcomes a Special Guest – Dr. Parsa Mohebi

One of the main goals of the blog section on our website is to educate patients about hair restoration. There is a lot of information available on the Internet about hair transplants and the quality of this information can vary. Some of the content is written by board-certified and experienced medical professionals while other written content and videos are produced by people interested, but not experienced, in the topic. Dr. Mohebi provides information on his blog that is medically accurate as well as up to date so anyone interested in Los Angeles hair transplant surgery has the latest information. Dr. Mohebi also enjoys the opportunity to share hair restoration information in other media and he was recently a guest on the new podcast, “Hair on Air”.

Modern hair talk on hair on air podcast


Dr. Mohebi Talks about Hair Transplant on a Podcast

“Hair on Air” is a podcast hosted by Dr. Gorana Kuka-Epstein. She is a board-certified doctor by the Diplomate, American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery, the Director of Research of the Foundation for Hair Restoration as well as the Co-Director of the Women’s Center for Hair Loss. She is well-known for her expertise in FUE techniques and her knowledge on the issue of hair loss in women.

Dr. Gorana (as she is known on the podcast) and Dr. Mohebi have been fans of each other for awhile as they are both leaders in the field of hair restoration. The episode begins on a fun note as Dr. Gorana points out that our very own Dr. Mohebi can be found on TikTok.

After that fun start to the conversation, they moved into a discussion about the changes that have occurred in the field of hair restoration over the last ten years. The insightful conversation also included a chat about modern hair restoration techniques.

The podcast conversation then went on to talk about how the demand for FUE has increased for many reasons including the desire of patients to not have a scar on their scalp after their procedure as well as the topic of Robotic FUE – ARTAS (r-FUE).

The doctors also discussed the hair transplant technique known as Celebrity Hair Transplant™ by Dr. Parsa Mohebi and its popularity among patients (including celebrities) that want to keep their hair transplant anonymous. Dr. Mohebi is based in Los Angeles which means he is often visited by celebrity patients that want to enjoy the benefits of both Los Angeles and Beverly Hills hair restoration services.

This fascinating 40+ minute conversation also touched on Power Hairline®, the increase in self-confidence provided by hair transplants, Mohebi Implanter, hair cloning and other hair restoration options that might happen in the future.

The full conversation can be viewed here and we invite anyone curious about hair restoration to watch the conversation between these experienced and knowledgeable doctors.

Dr. Mohebi – Where to Find His Hair Restoration Information Online

The recent podcast is not the only place where you can find Dr. Mohebi sharing information about hair transplants online. Take a look below to learn where the doctor can be found on social media:

  • Facebook – It seems like almost everybody uses Facebook and Dr. Mohebi is no exception to the rule. From hair transplant news and information to announcements about Reddit AMAs and photos of his actual patients, Dr. Mohebi’s Facebook is full of information for those interested in learning more about hair restoration.
  • Instagram – From IG Stories to answering some of the most popular questions about the topic of hair transplants, Dr. Mohebi’s Instagram page is filled with insights and behind the scenes info regarding the world of hair transplants.
  • Twitter – Looking for hair restoration information in 280 characters or less? Join the doctor on Twitter to get hair transplant data and details in easy to digest posts.
  • TikTok – Our TikTok doc is taking this social media platform by storm. Dr. Mohebi’s TikTok page takes many of the questions we are asked on a daily basis and answers them in a fun and informative way that will keep patients “in the know” when it comes to hair restoration.
  • YouTube – Dr. Mohebi enjoys posting on his YouTube page as it gives him the opportunity to go deeper into the hair transplant process without the time, or character, limits of other social media platforms. Easy to access, and follow, playlists give anyone interested in having a hair transplant at any of our three locations (including our new San Francisco hair transplant center) the chance to get the answers they want with interesting and educational videos.

There you have it! A complete guide to how to find Dr. Mohebi and the hair restoration information he shares online.

Anyone that has any questions they would like answered is invited to email us at info@parsamohebi.com and share your question with our team. We read all emails that come to us and look forward to hearing from you!