Oakland FUE Hair Transplant

A great philosopher whose name is lost to ancient history once wrote:  In a world of chaos, there is no striving but towards order. The city of Oakland may just live by that creed, as its visitors seem always to have stories about its well-crafted traffic plan, fine balance between big and small businesses, multi-cultural artistic community, and lots of other things having to do with proper structure. And while alignment and balance are certainly not unique to Oakland as a city, its apparent emphasis on both cause its streets, parks, shops, and restaurants to stay in the memory long after one has bid them farewell.

The above paragraph likely did not make you think much about Oakland hair transplants. But then at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, order and delicate balance make up a huge part of the procedures we conduct. After all, it can safely be said that how our patients look after follicular unit extraction surgery is also how we look. Since our founding in 2007 we’ve been refining the process to get as close to perfection as possible. And just like the city of Oakland, things at our office run pretty smoothly.

A Rundown On FUE

Follicular unit extraction is the process of harvesting individual hair grafts from a donor area of the body. This donor area is usually in back of the scalp, but we can also extract from the face, chest, or back. FUE first came onto the scene in 1988 to give patients a more effective surgical option than what was popular at the time—the follicular unit transplant, or strip transplant. Unlike FUT, FUE leaves no visible scar and, as mentioned, can use donor areas from different parts of the body. Recovery times also tend to be shorter and, perhaps most important of all, the results are more balanced due to reduced donor area density; its thickness level evens out with the recipient area’s, especially after full recovery, which takes about one year.


How Important Is Hair Transplant Surgery For Residents Of Oakland?

This is not an easy question to answer. We can say that while Oakland never seems to lack self-assurance—a trait that often takes a huge hit in regard to pattern hair loss—the friendly folk from this city who visit our office in San Francisco are not looking to put on a show of conceit. Rather, they are out to recapture the look of youth and vitality they no longer feel acquainted with. For whatever reason men or women elect to get hair transplant surgery done, we are here to help.

Oakland is a culturally diverse city. For us, that sometimes means treating patients with different hair types. And treat them we do. Advancements in African-American, Asian, and transgender hair transplants have made conducting surgery on unique follicle structures more successful than ever before. We can even repair bad transplants done by another clinic with less experience, or limit our procedure—if needed—to the hairline only, restoring it to its youthful appearance.


How Far Is It From Oakland To Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration?

Our San Francisco office is on Francisco Street—a quick 22 minute drive via I-80 West. The neighborhood is amicable, with nearby lodging that we can help you with in terms of scheduling.

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration of San Francisco treats all its patients with the most state of the art technology in the field of hair transplantation. We perform advanced surgery in FUE, FUT, and other methods related to both so you can once more experience the thick, healthy hair growth of times gone by. Contact us today via (415) 997-6126 for more information.