Holmby Hills Hair Transplant

On Los Angeles’ west side lies Holmby Hills. It is among the most posh neighborhoods of the city, which is not to say that its residents put on airs. Rather, their goals in life have been lofty, their objectives complex and demanding. To live here is to be confident. It is with both eyes on the future, nourished by successes of the past. Indeed, close acquaintance with success is often what brings thinning hair sufferers of Holmby Hills to our door for treatment. With high standards come high expectations, and at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we fulfill both.

As part of LA’s “platinum triangle”, Holmby Hills is a place of beautiful homes, parks, and trees. Such lavish amenities may be attributed to an appreciation of one’s ever verdant spirit. Here things do not just grow; they flourish. Patients we treat get more of the same, be it through follicular unit transplantation or follicular unit extraction. Both provide an effective and virtually painless solution to the problem of Holmby Hills hair loss. And just how many patients from this glamorous piece of the city of angels do we treat every year? To that we maintain the discretion our patients enjoy from the procedures themselves. However, about those procedures…

Follicular unit transplantation is commonly referred to as the strip hair transplant. This is because the surgery involves collecting follicular units in groups, or strips, from a donor area and transplanting them to a recipient area. FUT was developed about 1952, in New York City. Over the following decades it would be refined to produce highly impressive results. Among its few drawbacks is a “strip scar” that remains in the donor area after surgery. These scars are normally concealed when the patient grows the hair above it a little longer.

Follicular unit extraction not only eliminates strip scars as a surgical trade-off, it produces even better results using multiple techniques that branch away from the main method. Like FUT, FUE harvests hair grafts from a donor area; unlike FUT, these grafts are taken individually, not in strips, and can come from the scalp or different places around the body, such as the beard, back, or chest.

Sequestered With Style

Mansions in Holmby Hills range from huge to just plain big. Their owners enjoy peace, quiet, and lots of space. But it takes a strong work ethic to stay on top, and to enjoy the fruits of their labor, residents often need to schedule time off. Our clinic can normally perform hair transplant surgery in a single day. After that, patients are usually right back to work, though it is not uncommon for them to take a few days off to recover. These little breaks from routine are almost always the choice of the patient and not medically necessary.

One more thing Holmby Hills residents will not have trouble with is travel time. Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration has two offices in Los Angeles. Our Encino location is a mere 14 miles northwest of Holmby Hills, via North Beverly Glen Boulevard and US-101 North. But this is not even the best news, for we also have a clinic right next door in Beverly Hills. A 2 mile drive east on Sunset Boulevard and North Canon Drive will get you here. Both of these offices feature convenient parking, along with attractive nearby places to shop and dine.

A Holmby Hills hair transplant restores not only lost hair, but the look of youth, energy, and self-confidence that many who suffer from baldness find difficult to keep hold of. For more information about how we can help you or someone you know with thinning hair, contact Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration via (888) 302-8747 today.