Why Didn’t My Hairstylist Recommend a Hair Transplant?

Hi, doctor. I’m a 38 year old man who’s been losing hair for a few years. I’ve lost a lot… to the point of balding on top and in front. I’ve asked my hairstylist for advice, and she recommended Nioxxin shampoo. It didn’t do anything. I then asked my doctor, and he referred me to a dermatologist who talked about steroid injections in my scalp! then I keep reading about hair transplant surgery. It sounds like it works. But if a hair transplant really is the right solution, why didn’t my stylist and doctor recommend it? Can you explain this or at least help me understand?




This is a very good question. Thanks for asking. First… hair restoration surgery is the only proven, permanent and natural treatment for androgenetic alopecia, the most common cause of hair loss in men. And when performed by a skilled hair restoration surgeon, the results are amazing.

Hair restoration surgery has evolved over the past twenty years, with the most dramatic changes taking place within the past five years alone. The most important advancements are in the dissection and placement of hair grafts (removing individual hair follicles utilizing state-of-the-art microscopic equipment then implanting these follicles in a perfectly natural growth pattern) and in the “size” of surgical procedures today (with “Giga-Sessions” transplanting up to 5,000 grafts or more, when safe and appropriate).

Many hair stylists and even physicians are still unaware of modern-day hair transplantation and what it can do for their clients and patients suffering from hair loss. We, at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, continue to educate the public, hair stylists and physicians on the art and science of hair transplantation today. We invite hair stylists and physicians to contact us for information, to witness a live surgery and to see the life-changing results just months post-op. We encourage hair stylists and physicians to learn all they can to better serve their clients and patients.

When it comes to “hair” and hair loss, hair stylists are generally the first professional we see and ask for guidance. This summer, we are launching our most aggressive education campaign yet, reaching out to LA’s top hair stylists. We believe our message will be heard.

Thanks again for your question. And for you personally, if you are experiencing hair loss and want to know the best possible treatment option for you, I encourage you to meet with a qualified hair transplant surgeon. You’ll be glad you did.