Two Weeks After Hair Transplantation – What to Expect


Hi Dr. Just got back from my vacation in XX, had a good and relaxing time. While I was gone for 2 weeks all the scabbing from my hair transplantation is pretty much gone in the donor scar and the implanted areas. Also I noticed that I did lose hairs as you mentioned would most likely happen. the hairs that fell that looked like the grafts were just the hair shaft that I saw fall. I did not see skin attached to the end of the hair shaft so I assume the follicle survived in the skin where it was implanted. not all have fallen but I did notice a good amount. I also notice small dark hairs sprouting in the implanted area. I assume these are coming from where the original grafts shed?

Its almost a month post op and I feel no pain and have all feeling back on my scalp. I pretty much wash and style my hair as usual.

Is all this normal progress after the surgery?

It is good that you had a nice vacation!

One month after hair transplant surgery is the general time which you should have lost most of your transplanted hair shafts.  The follicles are now part of your scalp and will be growing new hair in 2-3 months.  Your inflammation should be subsided on both the transplanted and donor areas.  Minor itching might be noticed at this time which is a good sign of the scalp wound healing.  You may have lost or will soon lose some of the bulk of your existing hair due to the shock loss. You will be noticing new hair growing in 2-3 months from now and the hair shafts will continue getting longer and thicker till about one year from the time of your hair transplant.