Sensation in the Donor Area After Hair Restoration


I am about 16 days post op and had my trichophytic sutures removed about 5 days ago. The wound has healed nicely with no scabs left -but I still experience sensations in the donor area during my sleep which eventually causes me to sleep sideways or my stomach. Are these sensations unusual this many days post operation? Thanks for reading and responding.


Having slight pain or tenderness following the first 2 days from hair transplant surgery is not unusual.  However, if the pain is to the point that it is affecting your life style or to the point that you have to continue to take pain medications after the first few weeks, I recommend that you go back to your hair transplant surgeon and let him/her re-evaluate you.  Development of folliculitis, especially if you had trichophytic closure, may cause pain.  Minor pain or unusual sensations (paresthesia) after any wound closure could be due to the irritation of small nerves that are in the vicinity of the healing wound and may last to a few weeks after surgery, but will eventually go away.  Having said that, it is not a bad idea for you to be evaluated by a specialist in-person to be on the safe side.