Redwood City Hair Transplant

There are many places in California that claim to be “among California’s best places to live”. Indeed, just about any travel page on the internet will start things off by telling you as much. For Redwood City, however, the claim may very well be accurate. For starters, there is the weather. Early in the 20th century, a climatological report from U.S. and German governments ranked Redwood City’s climate part of a three way tie for the world’s best. Their findings hold up even to this day. In July, the average high temperature here is a comfy 83 degrees Fahrenheit, while in January, the nightly low averages around 40.

But as we said, that is only the start. This city that is less than 30 miles south of San Francisco is positively rife with things to do and see. More on those in a moment. Before we continue, did you know that regarding things that are the best, we rank pretty high ourselves? In fact, Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration represents the pinnacle of Redwood City hair transplant surgery experience, technology, and friendly service. Treatment here means board certified professionalism that utilizes the very latest techniques in the field.

A City For Your Bucket List

If you come to Redwood City, the first thing you are going to see is…well, the redwoods. These big fellows once grew all over the San Francisco peninsula, and many can still be found on the Purisima Redwoods Loop trail just southeast of Half Moon Bay. Get ready for a workout though, as the trail’s rank is difficult, and the climb steep. You will experience hills, ridges, creeks…and yes, plenty of redwood trees.

Should nature not really be your thing, or if you are simply not in the mood for a climb, drop by Redwood City’s downtown area instead. It was revitalized in the aught 2000s with shopping centers, movie theaters, boutiques, restaurants, you name it. Once considered to be a bit dull, today this place does not disappoint. Lights, laughter, and lots of fun are all found right here on a newly cosmopolitan strip.

A drive through the swanky community of Redwood Shores takes you back to old Venice, Italy—that is, if you can find a road. Because of its location below high tide elevation, much of this place consists of winding lagoons that look like flooded roads. Bridges span the water, as do swimmers and kayaks. So is Redwood Shores “grammable”? Oh, is it ever!

Treatment For Those Already Acquainted With Greatness

If you or someone you know suffers from thinning hair, and has considered hair transplant surgery, please do not hesitate to make or suggest an appointment with us. We will start things off with a consultation, gleaning info about things like your family history of hair loss and overall health. We then conduct a microscopic scalp exam to locate healthy donor hairs, as well as predict how much further your hair loss would progress without intervention.

Surgery normally takes just one day—around 4 to 10 hours total. It is performed under local anesthesia, rendering pain minimal. The average number of grafts we use falls between 3 and 4 thousand, though it really depends on your level of hair loss. Most patients are back to work on the very next day, or at most, about 1 week.


From Redwood City to Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration

Our office is a quick drive up US-101 North—about 20 miles in all. You will find us at 55 Francisco Street, Suite #705. This upscale neighborhood features convenient parking and lodging, so visitors are seldom harried.

Redwood City residents need never worry about thinning hair—not while the capable minds of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration are at their disposal. For more information, give us a call at (415) 997-6126.