Los Angeles Hair Transplant Benefits Examined

Patients that are experiencing balding on their scalp can turn to a hair transplant to restore fullness to the hairline. Hair restoration procedures take hair grafts from the donor area on the scalp, or somewhere else on the body of the patient, so they can be placed in incisions that are made in the scalp by a surgeon. Once they are placed in the scalp, the hair grafts grow and provide patients with the full hairline they desire. While this is certainly the most obvious benefit of having a hair transplant, there are other benefits that are enjoyed by hair restoration patients. Let’s take a look at Los Angeles hair transplant benefits for patients that want to address their balding appearance.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Benefits

  • Benefits of Los Angeles Hair TransplantNatural Appearance – The appearance of the hair after a hair transplant is natural and is almost impossible to detect by the natural eye. In the past, hair transplants provided patients with a “pluggy” appearance that was unnatural in appearance. Thanks to modern Los Angles hair restoration techniques and technology, the hair that is transplanted and grows on the scalp is natural in appearance and will provide patients with the same appearance they had in the past before their hair started to thin and fall out of the scalp.
  • Eliminate Balding and Increase Self-Confidence – Patients that experience balding often try to their cover their hair loss by wearing a hat or a toupee. Los Angeles hair transplant techniques such as FUE, FUT and Celebrity FUE Hair Transplant, provide patients with a fuller hairline and eliminate their balding appearance. In addition, they enjoy a better self-image and increased self-confidence thanks to their improved hairline. In general, patients find they are not ashamed of their appearance anymore and they also have more self-confidence while interacting with others.
  • Improved or Enhanced Appearance – The growth of hair on the scalp, thanks to the transplanted hair grafts, gives patients an enhanced appearance to the scalp as well as an overall feeling of improvement in their look. They feel better about their appearance and have an improved self-image thanks to what they view as an overall improvement in their hairline and overall look.
  • Permanent Results – Medications such as Rogaine and Propecia both help patients that are suffering from hair loss by stimulating hair regrowth on the scalp. The results that patients gain from both of these products are not permanent. Once a person stops using Rogaine or Propecia on a regular basis, the results will not be sustained by the patient. The scalp will start to lose the positive results gained by using either one of the products and patients will find their scalp returning to its original appearance before the use of minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia). On the other hand, the results of a Los Angeles hair transplant are permanent which means patients will enjoy a lifetime of results from their hair restoration procedure.
  • No Side Effects after the Hair Transplant Procedure – Patients will experience some bruising and swelling after the surgery but, in general, there are no side effects that patients need to worry about after their hair restoration procedure. There will also be some pinkish discoloration but it will fade on its own. If patients are experiencing any type of pain after the surgery, it can normally be addressed and eliminated by mild painkillers.
  • Better for the Budget – The fact that patients must keep using minoxidil and finasteride on a regular basis also means they have to keep purchasing the product on a regular basis. This means that they must have the amount they spend on the product factored into their monthly budget. While a hair transplant has a bigger one-time purchase price, it is a hair restoration solution that only has to be paid one time by the patient. This is much better for the budget of patients in the long run because they pay everything at once, and achieve results that last a lifetime, as opposed to the ongoing monthly payments for their use of Rogaine or Propecia.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Benefits Start with a Consultation Appointment

Patients that are interested in enjoying the benefits of a hair transplant need to take the first step in the process and schedule a consultation appointment with a board-certified surgeon that is experienced in performing hair transplants. The Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, as well as hair restoration surgeons across the country, will examine the scalp of a patient to determine the cause of the hair loss as well as choose the best hair transplant method to provide patients with the results they desire. The surgeon will also discuss the desired final results with the person. Once the desired final results are agreed upon by the doctor and the patient, the surgeon will make sure there is enough available donor hair on the back or sides of the scalp to use for the surgery. If there is not enough available hair grafts in the donor area, the surgeon can use hair grafts from other areas of the body, such as the beard, to achieve the desired Los Angeles hair transplant results.