Hair Care Beverly Hills Interviews Dr. Mohebi

Below is the second interview of Hair Care Beverly Hills with Dr. Parsa Mohebi.  Dr. Mohebi is the medical director of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration hair transplant centers in Southern California with offices in Encino, Beverly Hills, Orange County and San Diego.  Dr. Mohebi is the author of Hair Restoration Blog.  He also responds to the questions of many other resources of hair loss and hair restoration.  Her is his recent interview of him by Hair Care Beverly Hills for

  • If a client has already had a transplant with another hair transplant doctor and is disappointed with the hair restoration results, can the procedure be redone?

Yes, hair transplant repairs are a good portion of our hair transplant surgeries performed in our Southern California offices (located in Beverly Hills, Encino and Orange County). Many people may have unnatural results from previous hair transplants due to the older techniques such as plug surgery, but some may even have problems with recent hair restoration procedures due to technical issues or lack of proper judgment on the part of the hair transplant surgeon. In most situations, the repair is easy and can be done in one or two sessions.

  • Is there a minimum age for hair transplant surgery?

It was not unusual that a Hair transplant surgeon discourage a person younger than 24 for a hair restoration surgery.  However, nowadays microscopic techniques being used to evaluate the miniaturization of susceptible hair can assist surgeons in predicting the final pattern of hair loss. By being able to predict each patient’ s final balding stages, we are able to see where the pattern of baldness is heading and based on that recommend hair transplant surgery at an earlier age.

  • Won’ t my bare scalp be showing in the back of my head once the donor hair is taken?

If you do not plan on shaving your hair after your hair transplant surgery, your donor wound will never be visible. However, if you plan on shaving your head for any reason, you may choose to have a FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction procedure done rather than the general FUT procedure through removing a strip from the donor area. FUE transplant eliminates the visibility of a linear scar on the back of your head and is the best option for patients who plan on shaving their head or keeping their hair very short in the future.

  • What type of information should be brought to the consultation?

Anything related to your hair loss and hair restoration, including family history of hair loss, other medical conditions that may have been attributed to ones hair loss, medical, surgical or even cosmetic changes that you like and may help you have a better result after a hair restoration procedure.