Diffuse Hair Loss and Body Hair Transplant


I am a 23 year old medical student with about 4 years of hair loss history. I have diffuse thinning with very aggressive frontal hairline loss. I would be looking to do 2-3 procedures at 2000 grafts each FUE style from my beard and chest area. But my body hair and beard hair seem to be just fine. I have had all of my bloodwork done to rule out any systemic problems thats causing this odd pattern diffuse hairloss (autoimmune alopecia is also ruled out by 3 dermatologists).


Before proceeding with a hair restoration surgery, we have to properly determine your type of hair loss and candidacy for a hair transplant based on your history and diffuse hair loss.  Many people who have diffuse hair loss including the hair on the sides and back of their scalp may have a condition called Diffuse Unpatterned Alopecia (DUPA).  This condition can be mistaken with hair loss as a result of other systemic medical conditions like iron deficiency or possibly due to thyroid or other hormonal imbalances.  Body hair transplants through FUE harvesting techniques can be considered for those patients who do not have the option of scalp to scalp hair transplant, but it certainly comes as the last option considering the very short growth phase in hair cycle for body hair as opposed to scalp hair. Beard hair may be a better option in some patients, but all individual options need to be considered after a complete evaluation of patient’s supply and demand of hair.

* More information on body hair transplants and its results in contrast to that of scalp hair transplants, please visit our hair restoration blog.