Female Hair Transplant for Treatment of Male-Patterned Baldness

Did you know that male-pattern baldness affects females, too?

If you are a female feeling like your hair is thinning in a male-patterned trend, you are not alone! In fact, it is common for women to suffer from balding patterns similar to men. As women age, the density of the hair follicles around the hairline can decrease and make their hairline look more masculine.

Women who experience female hair loss can often feel self-conscious and may try to hide their hair loss by styling their hair or will be going to great lengths to try to hide the balding and thinning of hair. Through hair transplantation, a feminine hairline can be achieved and the density of hair around the hairline can be revived.

Case Study: Male Pattern Baldness in a Female Patient:

In this case, a female patient was suffering from male-patterned baldness and had previously attempted to remedy her situation with a transplant. However, not enough grafts were placed, resulting in a hairline that is not dense. Fortunately, Dr. Mohebi had a plan to restore her hairline to the feminine look she wants!


Dr. Mohebi started by designing the patient’s ideal hairline, which was focused on restoring the corners and filling in the other areas of hair loss. With the ideal line in mind, Dr. Mohebi began removing grafts from the site and implanting them. For this particular female hair transplant, 1400 grafts were densely-packed to cover the areas that appear patchy. As you can see, after the implants are placed, the hairline has become more defined and the hair pattern is solid.

We hope that this case has shed a light on the issue of male-pattern baldness in women, and shown that there is hope! There is no reason for any woman to strain herself or feel insecure about a receding and thinning hairline. Instead, there are options for a more definitive solution that may allow you to live an unrestrained life and love your hair!