Facial Hair Transplant Gives New Hope for Hair Loss Sufferers

With the rise of new and more efficient methods of hair extraction through FUE hair transplantation, more options are becoming available to us for increasing the donor reserve of hair for bald patients.

Facial Hair Transplant

Although many bald patients have enough permanent hair to last their entire lives, some may not have an adequate number of grafts for their hair transplantation. The lack of sufficient donor hair is most frequently seen in people with larger balding areas such as the ones who have more advanced stages of hair loss.  Although these individuals usually have enough hair to change their hair class and minimize their class of baldness, it is not enough for them to get full coverage by only utilizing hair from the back and sides of their scalp.

Facial hair can now provide a great source for these hair restoration patients by allowing the hair transplant surgeon to harvest about 3000 grafts from under the chin and neck area without making a significant change in the appearance of that person’s facial hair.  This number could be multiplied in men who want to lower the density of their facial hair or get rid of it.  Although facial hair has less hair follicles per graft, the good thickness of the facial hair shafts can provide a better bulk of hair when transplanted to the scalp, which creates the illusion of greater density.

Dr. Parsa Mohebi is very excited about bringing this relatively new technique of hair restoration to his practice so that patients with more limited donor hair can experience results they never thought possible.