Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

Dr. Mohebi,

You performed a hair transplant on me to make a female hair line as part of my male to female transgender process.  I recently decided to do a scalp surgery that may require a scalp advancing procedure.  My Dr. Will transplant hairs along the scar in hairline.  I am not convinced this will be enough, and we may need to do one final pass after all is done to be sure, possibly the middle of next year.  I’ll have to wait and see, money is also an issue.


Good luck with your scalp advancement surgery. Please do your research and make sure your plastic surgeon does perform hair transplant on a regular basis before letting him place hair on your hairline.  It is especially important that he has experience with creating hairline for transgenders.

If he is not doing hair transplant on a regular basis as is the case for many cosmetic surgeons, it might still be OK to have him put the hair removed during the scalp advancement surgery on the top areas, where you still need more reinforcement.

Hairline is very meticulous specially for male to female trans gender patients.  We can easily repair the hairline in front of the scar of your scalp advancement surgery.  It will be more difficult if there is less than perfect transplanted hair on the hairline area.  that requires removing the hair grafts that are transplanted out of their normal locations and reuse them in the other areas.