Advantages of Using Celebrity FUE

One of the main reasons patients don’t undergo Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is because they don’t want to have a shaved donor area. A smaller shaved donor area is possible with a strip procedure but this method results in a linear scar. In cases where patients don’t want a large area of their scalp shaved, their next best option is non-shaven FUE.

What is Celebrity FUE?

I introduced the term, as well as the procedure, “Celebrity FUE” due to the many requests from multiple celebrity patients. These celebrities could not afford the time, or the publicity, that results from shaving their head for a hair transplant procedure. Since the creation of Celebrity FUE, it has been used by many other doctors across the globe in different versions of the procedure.

Celebrity FUE allows a patient to enjoy no visible scars because there is no need to shave either the donor or recipient area. Plus, there is very little pain or discomfort from the surgery. It should be noted that the procedure is limited in the number of grafts that can be transplanted per session so it is ideal for patients who need a smaller number of grafts.

Comparing FUE Methods

A recent study of 42 patients examined these people after they each had pre-trimmed and non-shaven FUE performed on them during a single surgical session. The two methods were then compared to see the differences in a number of factors:

  • The time it took to punch 50 grafts using the pre-trimmed method was 3.4-minutes as opposed to the 2.6-minutes using the non-shaven method
  • The mean transection rate was close with the pre-trimmed method showing a result of 8.8% and the direct method having a result of 7.5%
  • The mean calculated density was higher using the pre-trimmed method at 2.23 hairs per graft and 2.15 hairs for the second method
  • The harvested hair length was 1.4-mm for the pre-trimmed method and 0.4-0.8 for the other method

What Does This Mean For Patients?

The quality of grafts that are harvested by a surgeon has more to do with the expertise and skill level of the doctor. An experienced and board-certified surgeon should be able to provide non-shaven FUE results that are significantly different than normal FUE.

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