Did David Beckham Get a ‘Secret Hair Transplant’?

Did David Beckham have a hair transplant?

Everyone knows soccer player and fashion icon, David Beckham for having some of the best hair in entertainment. However, a couple weeks ago, The Sun reported rumors that the soccer star had undergone a secret hair transplant. This news came as a surprise to many, as Beckham has long been known for his seemingly-perfect head of hair. Since then, many other articles have come out, speculating the issue and citing evidence that Beckham indeed had a procedure. Such evidence ranges from Beckham covering up his head in public for prolonged periods of time with beanies and hats before revealing a […]

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African American FUE – How To Frame the Face

How To Frame the Face With FUE

Contrary to popular belief, hair transplants are not only for those who are experiencing active hair loss. Many men (and sometimes women, too) genetically have hairlines that are further receded than normal. Others may have lost hair, but will not continue to. Although their hairlines may not be actively receding, having a high hairline can cause them to feel insecure. For these patients, a hair transplant may be the only way to achieve self-esteem through getting the hairline they’ve always wanted. Case Study: Framing the Face for an African-American Patient In this case, the patient did not have any family […]

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Update: Follow A Real Patient’s Hair Transplant Journey

Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, real hair transplant journey

If you’ve been reading our blog, or follow us on Instagram, you’ve probably met our wonderful patient, Dubi. He has made it his mission to share his entire hair transplant journey, showing everything involved, including recovery and daily progress via his Instagram account and personal blog ( In one of our recent blog posts, we documented his first consultation appointment, his hair transplant, and follow-up visit. Now, 250+ days after having his procedure, we are extremely happy to update our readers – Dubi’s hair is growing in great and he is looking amazing! Just in case you haven’t met Dubi […]

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“Is my hairline receding?” Here’s Everything You Need to Know:

Receding Hairline how to tell

If you feel that your hairline is receding, you are not alone. In fact, by age 35, two-thirds of men will experience some level of visible hair loss. Although a receding hairline is a problem many men and women face, it is not always easy to tell if your hairline is actually thinning, or if it’s just your imagination. So, how do you know if your hairline is actually receding? After reading this article, you will know how to find out for sure if your hairline is thinning and what you can do about it. How to tell if your […]

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LeBron James’s Hair Journey to Los Angeles

Lebron James Hair Transplant Journey

The newest & most highly-anticipated addition to the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, is famous for more than just his jump shot. Over his historical career, his hairline has been the subject of much scrutiny, debate, and countless memes. In 2015, we wrote about the mystery behind James’s hairline, noting that Lebron likely had a FUT procedure to restore his hairline. As you can see in the photo, there is a visible scar that seems to be from a FUT procedure. Since then, his hairline has seemed to change a few times, but James has mostly kept quiet on the […]

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Rafael Nadal’s FUE Hair Transplant Journey

Rafael Nadal is known for his outstanding tennis accomplishments, his good looks, and finally, his hair. So, it’s not surprising that he sought help for his thinning hair. About two years ago Rafael Nadal pursued a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. He, like many of celebrities who receive hair transplants, spends a lot of time in the spotlight and therefore, tends to receive more criticism on their appearances. Fortunately, with high technology and quality research, hair transplants are a great solution for many who experience hair loss. However, Nadal has recently been highlighted in the press for opting for […]

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Dr. Mohebi Introduces Innovative Hair Transplant Device

Find out more about the Mohebi Inserter

Here at Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, we are at the forefront of hair transplant technology, and constantly looking for innovations to improve the field of hair restoration. In Dr. Mohebi’s latest breakthrough, he has introduced the Mohebi Inserter, which makes placing hair follicular unit grafts easier and safer during the hair transplantation process. How does it work? The Mohebi Inserter has a blunt tip that allows placement of grafts into the pre-made sites by the technicians. The learning curve is very short with Mohebi Inserter and any new operator can easily learn the art of efficient graft placement within a […]

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Celebrities Who Struggle with Hair Loss (And How They Cope)

hair transplant doctor

Hair loss is an issue for people all over the world, even celebrities. Seeing people in the spotlight struggle and deal with hair loss may help people feel better about losing their own hair. It may even give them a few ideas of what to do to help themselves.  Brendan Fraser In recent years, Brendan Fraser revealed his own hair loss. His fans have been used to his luscious locks for years and were completely shocked to learn that he was suffering. When he was in his thirties, he was able to maintain his full head of hair. But once […]

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