I Shed Thick Hair

Dear Dr. Mohebi, How is everything Dr.? I actually came across something, which might seem a little silly to you. (haha) As the follicle deteriorates, the hair becomes thinner, correct? and this leads to the dying of the hair follicle and hair can’t be grown, right? I have noticed lately that when I shed, the hair is not really thin. Actually the quality of my hair according to my father has improved. Thick hair means that the follicle is still healthy and contains the vital nutrients. Now to sum everything up, even though I still experience hair loss with decent […]

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Laser Comb for Treatment of Hair Loss

Question: Dear Dr. Mohebi, I would like to thank you for your response. I really don’t know what life without you would be like, someone who can answer all my questions. It is funny because when I turn to other people the smartest thing they have to say is I don’t know.  Thank you again for everything. I wish you all the health and success for you and your family for the new year and the ones to come. One very last question, before 2008. (haha) What do you think about the laser hair combs with low level of laser […]

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22 Year Old with Stage Three Hair Loss

Question: I am a 22 year old white male with some recession in the corners that has been bothering me in the last two years. Am I eligible for a hair transplant procedure? Answer: I generally don‚Äôt recommend hair transplant before the age 24 (with some exceptions). We need to have a better understanding of the pattern of your hair loss before coming up with a surgical plan. If you are destined to become a stage VII (advanced stages of hair loss) the plan should be totally different than if you are going to stop at stage III. We can […]

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