Can The Wind Damage Transplanted Hair?

Wind Damage Hair

Q: Hello Dr. Mohebi, I meant to ask you a question when I was at your office for my one-year appointment but it slipped my mind.  I have to warn you that it’s kind of a weird question. About 6-years ago, when I had my previous hair transplant, it was such a horrible experience that I became quite sensitive regarding any activities that might influence the shedding of more hair.  As a result of this, one activity that affects me psychologically is being out in strong windy conditions.  I’m not as paranoid as I used to be but I try […]

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Trump’s Hair Tousled by Talkshow Host

In the past, I’ve mentioned the speculation surrounding Donald Trump’s hair as well as the fact that he has been known to mock the hairdo of Hillary Clinton and the historic importance of having a great hairline in the US presidential elections. There are many theories about Trump’s hair and they include: It is a toupee He had a bad hair transplant in the past His hair is thinning so he wears it swept upward to hide that fact Trump has been mostly silent about the history of his hair and possible hair restoration procedure(s) and has rarely let anybody […]

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Can Finasteride Cause a Foggy Mind and Concentration Problems?

Dear Dr. Mohebi, I have been taking Propecia (Finasteride) for about a year and a half. Lately, I’ve been experiencing side effects which I finally linked to Propecia. I have been feeling foggy minded with an inability to concentrate. I find myself in somewhat of a daze constantly. After doing some online research, I’ve found others with the same symptoms. My primary care physician says it’s not listed as a side effect but it’s definitely possible. Should I continue to take this medication? I am currently on 1mg every day. Should I cut it down to .5mg or take it every […]

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How Men with Hair Loss Are Perceived By Others

Dr. Bruce Reith of Germany

Thousands of hair transplants are performed each year on men all over the word. The reasons people have transplants are varied but one of the main reasons patients undergo hair restoration is to try and look younger and more attractive to others. Many people associate being bald with a lack of youth as well as being less successful in business and social situations. A 2015 study was conducted by Dr. Bruce Reith of Germany, a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, to determine if hair transplants are a significant factor in influencing the perception others have regarding […]

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Folliculitis After Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant

After Beard to Scalp Hair Transplant

Q: Hello Dr. Mohebi, My question for you involves my beard. The portion of my beard where I got grafts extracted is growing small pimples and has also been getting reddish and irritated. Is this normal? If it isn’t normal, what should I do to eliminate the irritation and pimples? A: It is quite normal after FUE from Beard to have some pimples here or there. They usually subside by themselves as time passes and nothing needs to be done about them. A good solution for smaller lesions of folliculitis is a hot compress. Take a towel that has been placed in hot water and […]

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Can Companies Be Held Responsible For Hair Care Damages?

Hair Loss Damage

The consumer market for cosmetic products is a crowded one with over $50-billion dollars in sales on an annual basis. Numerous products compete each year to be the brand of choice for consumers. However, there is a gray area when it comes to the regulation of cosmetics. According to Democratic Representative Frank Pallone Jr. of New Jersey, consumers “don’t realize there is effectively no regulation of cosmetics.” Pallone, along with some of his political colleagues, is attempting to strengthen a law from 1938 that was passed to regulate the pharmaceutical industry but essentially left the cosmetics industry unregulated. One of […]

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Looking for Patients with Male Patterned Baldness for a Hair Restoration Study

Hair Implanter vs Traditional implanting study

As part of our continuing efforts to improve upon existing hair restoration techniques, our office is taking the lead in a new hair restoration study. The study aims to evaluate the quality of transplanted hair placed through implanters rather than more traditional methods. This multinational study, sponsored by The International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS), also includes patients from centers in Belgium, Brazil, Germany and Switzerland*. The study will be conducted on up to 30 male patients with androgenetic alopecia who request assistance with their hair loss at any of the study sites. To be included in the study, the […]

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Do I need Scalp Micropigmentation

Hello, Dr. Mohebi, I had a hair transplant consultation with you a few weeks ago in Beverly Hills and was impressed with your approach and dedication to restoring hairlines. I feel fairly certain that I will come to you when I finally decide to go through with a hair transplant this winter as I want to wait until after the summer heat and summer travel. In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about doing scalp micro-pigmentation because I figure it would help now and after the transplant as well. I have some questions about scalp micro-pigmentation for you: Q: Should I get SMP […]

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