Channing – 3138 Grafts

I had wanted my hairline to stop receding since college. I tried other options and creative hairstyles, but it was all frustratingly futile. If there was even a breeze I had to wear a hat. I started asking people where they had done their hair transplants and about their experience, It was extremely important to me that it looked natural, and I finally found Dr. Mohebi 3 years later. I remember opening my eyes towards the end of my procedure and Dr. Mohebi’s face was six inches away, above my forehead, and he was making little movements up by my scalp with a pair of tweezers. I asked him what he was doing and he responded in his awesome, calming doctor voice, “I’m adjusting the hairs so the grain all runs the same way.” That was the moment I knew for sure I had made the right choice, didn’t even need to see the results. The process was easy, straightforward, and as promised. I can swim, the wind can blow, I can wake up in the morning and not worry about getting my hat to cover my head before I see another person.