Kelly – 4960 Grafts

When I started to lose my hair at the age of thirty, my hair loss happened at a rapid pace. This was an issue for me because, as a celebrity hairstylist, I have always been very aware of how I looked to my clients. I was unsure about having a hair transplant until one of my new clients told me his amazing head of hair was the result of a hair transplant. I asked him who performed the surgery as there were no signs of scarring or any type of surgical procedure. Once he told me, I immediately contacted Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration. The entire experience was relaxing, and the final outcome made me look much younger than my actual age. I even recommended Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration to one of my female clients and she has regained much of her self-esteem in her appearance. Take the first step and contact the office because the results are amazing!