Hair Transplant Patient Guide

Are There Side Effects Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair Transplant Side Effects

Just like any other surgery, a hair transplant can have some side effects following the procedure. Whenever the phrase “side effects” is used, people immediately jump to the conclusion that something very bad is going to be the result of the side effects. While there are certainly some negative side effects that can happen as a result of the restoration surgery, many of the side effects of getting the hairline you’ve always desired are temporary and can be easily cured. Let’s take a look at some of the side effects of a hair transplant surgery: Bleeding – One common side […]

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Can Lavender Oil Promote Hair Growth?

Lavender Oil and Hair Growth

A recent study was conducted to determine if there were any hair growth effects from the use of lavender oil on a test group of female mice. The mice were split into a number of groups including a normal group, a positive control group, a vehicle control group and two experimental groups. The backs of the mice were covered with a test compound solution that was applied topically at an interval of once per day, 5 times during the week for a 4 week period. Any hair follicle number changes, as well as hair follicle depth and dermal thickness, were […]

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Can High Paying Jobs Cause Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Causes

Many people dream of being successful at work and climbing the corporate ladder. However, there are some people who believe that high-paying, and stressful, jobs can be bad for the hairline. A 2014 survey in England showed that workers who earn a significantly higher amount of money, as opposed to those who are paid less, are more likely to think their hair loss is a result of the stress from their high paying positions. The survey, conducted by the hair product L’Oreal, found that almost three-fourths of women feel that stress is the main cause for their hair loss. Furthermore, […]

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Does Finasteride Affect PSA Test Levels?

I recently received a question from a patient about the connection between a PSA test and finasteride/Propecia. The patient was curious if finasteride/Propecia can actually alter the readings and final results of a PSA test. This is a very interesting and important question when it comes to the health of male patients. In case you don’t know, a PSA test screens for prostate enlargement or cancer by measuring the levels of prostate-specific antigen in the blood. It should be noted that there is still some controversy when it comes to the connection between finasteride/Propecia and PSA tests. For many years, […]

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The Evolution of ARTAS

Many people are unsure about the role that robotics will play in the future of hair transplant procedures. Dr. Mohebi recently had a chance to discuss this fascinating topic with Spencer Kobren, the host of “The Bald Truth.” They discussed the evolution of the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system as well as Dr. Mohebi’s work with ARTAS. Dr. Mohebi shared his insights into the future of robotic FUE (r-FUE).

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Mature Hairline vs. Early Patterned Hair Loss

I get to see a lot of young patients who visit me panicking about their receding hairline.  Many of them don’t have a family history of hair loss and no microscopic signs of hair loss in other areas of their scalp.  I call this condition hairline maturation. There is a difference between maturing someone’s hairline and early male patterned hair loss. From the ages of 18-19 and into their early 20, most Caucasian males experience a change in their hairline. The “kiddie hairline” of their early years with closed corners (which is similar to female hairline) matures and goes up […]

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Does Finasteride Cause Adverse Effects on Pregnancy?

Finasteride and effects on pregnancy

Q: Hi Dr. Mohebi, I am a former patient of yours who underwent a hair transplant at your clinic in 2009. I’ve been on Finasteride since my procedure. My wife and I are planning on having a baby in the near future and I was curious if Finasteride causes any adverse effects. A: Finasteride can cause birth defects, like affecting the shape of the developing external genitalia in male babies, if used by pregnant women.  The drug label warns pregnant women not to be exposed to or involved with the drug while pregnant. However, there is no evidence showing its […]

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Stop Shaving For A Good Cause!

If there’s one thing most men hate doing on a regular basis, it is shaving their beard or mustache. While guys like to look good at all times, there is also a certain amount of freedom they feel by not having to shave regularly. The month of November is a time when guys can stop shaving and it is perfectly acceptable thanks to an event known as No-Shave November (AKA Movember). The concept behind this month long cancer awareness event is simple. No-Shave November is designed to bring more awareness to the struggle cancer patients have with hair. Many cancer […]

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