Hollywood Hair Transplant

Based on the canon of blockbuster cinema popcorn and pink lemonade, you may hold the opinion that many residents of Hollywood have had surgery done—at some point or other in their lives—to look as beautiful as possible. You may even be right. If you’ve ever spoken with someone who’s ever chanced to meet a movie star, it’s likely that someone spoke of the star as being larger than life. After all, they’re called stars for a reason:  They possess an ability to influence others from far, far away. But feeling good about your physical appearance need not be packaged with an actor contract. Nor does it require your wrist to ache from signing a hundred autographs every day.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration we help patients of all professions regain self-esteem by way of the most modern techniques in Hollywood hair transplant surgery. Recovery time is swift and the results are remarkable. Within just a few weeks our patients begin to notice new growth in the recipient area. After only a year, the process is complete, with a head of full, healthy hair to show for it.

Lots Of Things, But Never Boring

Hollywood is not only the movie capital of the world; it’s immersed in so much pop culture that visitors are constantly charmed by reminders of things they’ve experienced from a much farther vantage point. That chocolate-covered cereal you ate as a kid? The commercial for it was probably shot here. The La Brea Tar Pits you learned about in grade school? They’re here. The Walk Of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard and Vine? The one with all the pink star tiles? Here. And right nearby those stars is the Chinese Theater, where you can see concrete imprints of celebrity hands and feet, their signatures spanning decades of Hollywood history.

Overlooking all of this is the iconic Hollywood sign, which you photograph from the bridges at Hollywood & Highland. Braver souls have ventured right up to the letters themselves, though the act is illegal. (Warning:  If you try this, you’ll hear the chopping blades of a police helicopter before long). 

Few people visit Hollywood without taking a tour of Paramount Studios. Here is home to some of the biggest blockbusters in cinema history, such as Forrest Gump, King Kong, and Star Trek. Another place not to be missed is the Hollywood Museum in the Max Factory Building. Here you’ll find movie memorabilia from the silent era all the way up to modern times.


Treatment To Remember Long After The Show Has Ended

Any visit to Hollywood creates memories, to be sure. Hair restoration surgery with us does that one better with amazing results you’ll be able to physically touch for many years to come. Utilizing both the follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction, our clinic provides safe, state of the art treatment, most times in just a single day.

During a consultation session, we’ll find out the best way to treat your particular condition. This is done primarily through a microscopic scalp exam that determines not only the level of your hair loss but which follicular units are healthiest to act as donor hairs. You may even be a good candidate for the Celebrity Hair Transplant, a technique pioneered by Dr. Parsa Mohebi that requires no shaving, leaves no visible scars, and creates an even more convincing level of distribution than other modern methods of hair transplant surgery today.

Thinning hair makes many sufferers feel less confident about themselves, especially in public. In 2020 and beyond, treatment for the condition is the most advanced it’s ever been. For more information about what we can do to help, contact our office today via (888) 302-8747.