Why Hair Loss Doesn’t Bother Some Men?

Hair Loss: Does it Bother You?While hair loss doesn’t happen to all men, it does happen to a good number of males from all walks of life and a variety of ages. Hair loss does seem to have an effect on the self-confidence of males. A 2013 study in Berlin showed that even a minor amount of balding caused a large emotional burden on men and brought about lower self-confidence, psychological disorders and even impaired the quality of life for some men. Hair loss hits some men so hard that a 2009 study by the International Society of Hair Restoration found that 60% of men would rather have a full head of hair instead of friends or money!

While a hair restoration surgery can help men gain the hairline they desire, there are some men who elect to just go with it because they feel their hair loss doesn’t matter. There are a number of reasons some men have elected not to fight their hair loss and they include:

  1. Hair loss makes mornings easy – There are many men who spend a good amount of time in the morning drying their hair, putting product in it and making sure everything is “just right” before they leave home for the day. Men without a lot of hair simply wash their remaining hair and go about their day in a much quicker manner in the morning. Some men ever refer to the easy morning routine as “streamlined”.
  2. Too much time to spare – While it’s not a bad thing to look good in front of others, spending so much time worrying about if every hair looks perfect may indicate a less than full life and a little too much spare time..
  3. Famous bald guys – If a man is feeling sad about his hair loss and doesn’t feel like anyone else is experiencing the same issues, all he needs to do is think about the amount of famous bald men out in public on a daily basis. Some examples of famous bald role models include men such as Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan. For men with any degree of hair loss, that is good company to be in on a daily basis.
  4. There is more to men than their hairline – The fact that men lose their hair is often beyond their control. Hair loss can happen for any number of reasons including genetics. Rather than obsess about their lack of hair, men are better served focusing on the rest of their body and making sure they stay in shape. There are many women who don’t care that a man is going bald and even find the bald look rather sexy. Staying in shape and putting the best version of themselves out there at all times is what all men should do whether they have hair or not.

It’s up to each individual to determine whether or not they want to undergo a hair restoration surgery, one of the various medical hair loss treatments on the market or simply live with their degree of hair loss. Men, or women, interested in learning more about their hair restoration options are encouraged to contact our office and make a hair transplant consultation appointment.