West Hollywood FUE Hair Transplant

Where to begin with West Hollywood? This may very well be the most trending, “happening” neighborhood in all of Southern California. The nightlife here has been described—by those who have indulged and made it back to tell the tale—as legendary. To sum up the way of life here, the term “cutting edge” does not quite…well, cut it. We need more—much more. But then West Hollywood’s visitors always seem ready for adventure. This goes for its residents too, who doubtless chose to live here after listening to one too many tales about how alive and active it truly is.

To have a good time here one certainly does not need a full head of hair. Having said that, a bit of self-assuredness always goes a long way toward success, even when part of the journey involves chatting over drinks, or cutting a rug on the dance floor. Our West Hollywood hair transplant patients are always fun to spend time with. The stories they tell make the time go fast. And because Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration is so successful at what it does, recommendations out of West Hollywood are never in short supply.

Never A Dull Moment

Two words:  Melrose Avenue. If you visit West Hollywood and skip this, you are missing a lot. Melrose Avenue is a nationally famous place for shopping, dining, and clubbing. A number of well-known stand-up comedians have performed here over the years, and still do today. It is also a big draw for people who love to browse curio stores, or just go people-watching.

You will also find lots of popular clubs over on the Sunset Strip. Overlooked by the incredible homes of Hollywood Hills, this mile-and-a-half stretch of Sunset Boulevard has experienced many ups and downs since the 1920s, but has never fallen completely out of favor with any one clique. Today boutique shopping and fine dining are very much alive here. And honestly, we do not think it is much talked about giant billboards will ever lose their appeal.

And speaking of incredible homes, try not to miss reserving a tour of West Hollywood’s most incredible home of all, the Stahl House. To describe it does not do it justice—it is basically a roof, windows, and a swimming pool. But the view it gives of LA is unlike that of any other place (trust us). In fact, the Stahl House is often used to define what life is like in the city of angels.


The Most Advanced Techniques in FUE

FUE—follicular Unit Extraction—is the process of extracting individual hair follicles from a donor area, then implanting them in a recipient area. The donor area can be from different parts of the body, not just in back of the head. This is but one of its major advantages over an older method, the Follicular Unit Transplant. FUE also sees its patients back up and about sooner than FUT. We also use a number of modern approaches to the science, such as the ARTAS robotic arm, and our very own Celebrity Hair Transplant. Most if not all of our female patients receive hair transplants by way of FUE. This same holds true for our African-American clientele, as well as our transgender clientele.

At Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, you will not find the excitement of West Hollywood. What you will find is a courteous staff that is dedicated to giving its patients top-quality care in FUE hair transplant surgery. If you have recently noticed that your hair is thinning, and want to reverse the effects with comfortable, efficient treatment, get in touch with us. We have offices in Beverly Hills and Encino. The results, we can assure, will indeed excite you. Contact us via (888) 302-8747.